Expression & Words

282 & 283 名作に関する考察
‪short temper 短気‬
‪masterpiece 名作 最高傑作‬
‪He knocked it out of the park 大成功をおさめる‬
284 284.[Strange News] クロコダイルダンディーの死闘 “I’m going to blow your mind. “すごくびっくりするよ
symptom 症状
“Crocodiles are very strong and resilient.”
resilient=tough, take a lot of punishment
take punishment 苦痛に耐える
“He’s catching his breath.”
out of breath 息を切らして
catch one’s breath 息をつく
“Serbia wants to boost their economy.”
boost the economy 経済を上向きにする
“He got a life sentence.”
life sentence 終身刑
“He had a problem with his kidney.”
kidney 腎臓
285 285.インド人(エイブ) VS 中国人(エイブ) “You can take the lion out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the lion.”
road rage = anger or violence between drivers
“I’d say” is giving like your guess.
“Let’s say” is more for giving a hypothetical situation.
hypothetical 仮説(仮定・仮想)の
286 286.CleanとDirtyのハザマ 1)水墨画=Arts using nothing but a charcoal ink. Indian ink paintings.
Indian ink=墨汁
2)You can only hear the snow crunch beneath your feet as you walk.
beneath 〜の下に
3)雪見鍋:It’s basically just regular nabe with write dashi and lots of grated daicon.
4)She must be very humble.
= She doesn’t brag.5)”I’ve been studying”
→Right now you are still studying. Clear that you are continuing.
“I have studied”
→we don’t know if you are still studying or not. Not clear. Not telling you that I plan to continue.
6)gross out = completely make someone feel sick
287 287.[Strange News]素晴らしい芸術作品 1)Sakurajima is just erupting all time.
erupt 噴火する
2)pensioner= someone who lives off their pension and is retired, 年金受給者
live off 〜で生計を立てる
3)He feels that KDDI ripped him off.
rip off ぼったくる
4)He dedicated his life 彼の人生を捧げた
5)crank call いたずら電話
6)If they are on their period, wear like a badge 生理中にバッジのようなものをつける
288 288. 船上からこんにちは 1)toss and turn 寝返り
2)lucky bastard 運のいいやつ
3)difference between two words.
blame= you “think” something is their fault.
“accuse”=you “say” it
289 289. 沖縄・街のほっとステーション 1)You went out and painted the town red. 出かけて大いに飲み歩いた
2)bender is when you continue drinking for a long time
3)ants in your pants=can’t stop fidgeting
4)break a leg=がんばって! wish a performer “good luck”.
5)here’s my two cents=just my humble opinion
6)Bob’s your uncle=a peace of cake
290 Lawson家の人々 1)It’s time to blast off!
blast off 発射する 飛び出す
‪2) There are some announcements to make. お知らせがあります。‬
3) daylight saving = summer time‬
‪4) fucked up めちゃくちゃの‬
‪5)bullshit<slang> = that’s not true‬
‪6) GST & PST 消費税と州税‬
‪GST = goods and services tax; federal tax‬
‪PST = provincial services tax ‬
7)pottery 陶芸
8)very good>great>pretty good>so-so
291 291. [Strange News] ハウス オブ カレー 1) Time flies when you’re having fun.‬
‪Time flies like an arrow.‬
‪2) I’m pretty strong swimmer.‬
‪3) I can fantasize about winning. ‬
292 292. ボスキャラ再降臨の巻 1)Enjoy it while it lasts.
2)genetic 遺伝の
3)skin tone 肌の色
4)I’m a quite a light-skinned person.
5)Caucasian 白人
293 293. スミスの正体 1)twist=the story suddenly has a big change どんでん返し
2)There was snow a kind of piled on the ground 雪がちょっと積もった
3)I’m walking to work and getting feet wet in a slushy snow!
slushy snow:ぬかるんだ雪
4)below the equator 赤道より南
you can just barely see Southern Cross かろうじてなんとか南十字星が見える
5)It’s a little bit run-down, not sparkly new
6)kindred spirits 意気投合
294 294. [Strange News] イエロー コーン ロード 1)I’m sitting cross-legged. あぐらをかいて座っている
2)It wasn’t corn on the cob, it was grains of corn
grain:粒 cob:穂軸 kernel:穀粒
4)Most of the animals are hibernating.
6)Sometimes you have to drown your sorrows = Put your sorrows under water
drown your sorrows:悲しみを酒で紛らわす
7)ocean polluter:海洋汚染国
9)I just start to jam it in my bag
295 295. どこでもローソンと現金82円のかぼちゃ男 1)fill her up:ガソリン満タンにする
2)tinted windows:スモーク入りの(車の)窓ガラス
3)You are down to your last 82 yen.
be down to: 〜に依存している
4)catch 22 situation = you are between a rock and a hard place
= there’s no good way to get out of the situation
7)You’d better go, you’re gonna turn into a pumpkin.
296 296. 沖縄の方言とオアズケされたビッグニュース 1)I’m fired up. ハイテンションになっている
2)it will come when the time is right
3)errand = taking care of small things
4)she is trying to put me on the spot.
put someone on the spot :〜を質問で困らせる
5)use it or lose it 使うか失うかだ
6)You should focus on the things you can control.
297 297. [Strange News] A baby was born… 1)You are only as old as you feel.Age is just a number.
2)Oh,you are so coy.
5)bull for breeding = stud bull : 種牛
7)cattle mutilation: 1970年代のアメリカなどで起きた家畜が惨殺される事件
8)TSA: Transportation Security Administration : アメリカ運輸保安庁
9)holy crap!: なんてこった!信じられない!
298 298. ハグしてもらえますか? 1)◯I’m bored. I’m excited.
× I’m boring. I’m exciting.
2)shaved ice:かき氷
3)whale shark:ジンベエザメ
4)feeding frenzy:エサの奪い合い
5)in his blood:生まれ持って
He was destined to be king cherry boy.
6)Birthday is a day you should show gratitude to your mother.
7)piety:忠誠、忠義 (≒ エピソード内では親孝行の意)
8)Do you think I could persuade her?
9)laid-back person:のんびりした人
11)It pumps jet fuel into my vein!
299 299. エニタイムブラザー爆誕 1)shed:流す、こぼす
3)I wasn’t used to hanging up my cloth.
hang up:かける、つるす
4)Snakes might slither into your car.
5)One day I’m gonna hit the jack pod.
6)generous=helpful :気前がいい
7)My throat is a little hoarse
hoarse=scratchy: しゃがれた
8)subconsciously: 無意識に
9)vaccine: ワクチン
300 【ワープ】Episode 300!! Today’s expression & words
from #gogoエイブ会話 episode 300 1)4’15”
trimester:(主に妊娠期間の) 3 か月間
pregnancy is split into three
You should put your nose down and work hard.
There’s no closure.
that’s the straw that broke the camels back.
らくだの背を折った藁 = 我慢の限界7
Throw spaghetti at the wall  = to try something
turning point ≒ milestone
9)1°18′ 15″
pollen allergy:花粉症
I poked fun at him a little bit.
poke fun at:茶化す
fuck it = forget it, never mind
Should we call a night?
I’m bummed out:がっかりしている
301 【ワープ回】301. [Strange News] Looking for love(^ー^) 1)You puff out your feathers.
Puff out:〜を膨らませる
2)gold digger:金品を目当てに異性を誘惑する人
3)Stick to your word. 言ったことを守って
4)This guy spat in your pizza.
6)The tennis player who had extremely loud grunts.
7)invasive species:侵入生物種
8)Iguanas are cold-blooded animals
9)They quickly reproduce. すぐ繁殖する
10)You’re gonna see something flapping around.
flap around:パタパタ動き回る
302 302. 寝坊の翌日 1)-12min
It’s not like super packed,but the places like the things that I want to use are always busy.
You have a high tolerance.
high tolerance:高い耐性
Maybe I should cut back.
cut back:減らす
It’s a beautiful day today so you might as well go outside.
might as well:(できる立場にある時の)やった方がいい
303 303. 覚えている夢、忘れていく夢の話 1) 4’
It was really intense. : かなりハードだった。
You are coming out of the closet.:同性愛者であると公表する
3) 19’30”
Valentine’s Day is a day that dedicated for love.:バレンタインデーは愛を捧げる日だ
‪4) 19’30”‬
‪to ask out their crush.‬
‪ask out:告白する‬
‪5) 20’30”‬
‪Young people who wait for Valentine’s Day confess their love.‬
‪confess one’s love:愛を告白する‬
“Do you wanna go out with me?” means “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” (teenager)
We are going out=付き合っている
7) 29’30”
“My English is little rusty” means “It’s been a long time”
8) 39’20”
I have a problem with diarrhea.
9) 40’
It runs in our family you know, it’s a genetic problem.
run in the family:家族に遺伝している
10) 44’30”
federal:連邦制の rural:田舎の、地方の
10) 48’30”
“Best day of my life.”
The sun is shining and I’m breathing. Anything can happen.
Now I have those memories plus today. Every day is the best day. Because you have everything good in your life, plus one more day.
304 304. [Strange News] ロシア軍の仰天プロポーズ 1)6’30”
Pandemic is one level above epidemic.
It’s a very densely populated city.
They only sell tickets in every other row.
He is kind of high-up in a military.
He was down on one knee.
Toilet paper is very bulky.
A jellyfish can be somewhat of a nuisance to swimmers or surfers.
nuisance = annoying
venom = poison
305 305. 複数形と単数形の罠 1)3’
You wanted to show off Ishigaki.
show off:自慢する
It’s sounds a little molesty.
‪molesty:like a “hentai”‬
4) 13’40”
You have to do a long exposure.
You’ve already gone through one pair.
go through= wear out :使い果たす
flip-flap = thongs = beach sandals
a thong= sexy t-back underwear8)21’
There’s no substitute for the real stars.
‪I’m pumped up, I’m totally fired up!‬
‪pumped up=fired up=very excited about something‬
exactly:ぴったり。perfectly you got it
ex. Our 300 episode isn’t exactly 300.
definitely: something that is for sure
ex. I’m definitely going swimming.
There’s many colors in the rainbow 虹
Wealthier people have a very posh sounding accent.
306 306. トイレに紙様は居ないのか問題 1)10’40”
There’s many absurdity.Vulgar words, swear words, curse words.
absurdity:馬鹿げたこと vulgar:品のない swear≒curse:罵り
panic buying:買い占め
You have to buy it, or else you are ●●.
You took like the toilet paper roll like a cardboad and you spat on it, rubed it, made it a little soft.
cardboad:段ボール rub:こする
flatten out:平らにする
shoved it up your ass.
Yoshi is always mooching a toilet paper.
crown fish:カクレクマノミ
way to go! = good job!
you god this! = you can do it!
307 307. エピソード300回目直前の307回目 1)20′
I dug myself into a hole.
dig your own grave:自分の首をしめる
No one looks at the best all the time.-Abe saying
Everone has their strength and weeknesses.
308 308. はい!チーズ! 1)2’10”
I flew up to his shoulder.
fly up to:~へ飛ぶ
It’s very foggy.うっすら覚えている
day care:学童
日本でいうデイサービス→assisted living
please stay safe,stay healthy,take precaution.
Where are you headed? ≒ Where are you heading?
nickname for the toilet: head, john, loo, pisser, shitter, crap
the front of the lowerleg is called shin, the back of the lowerleg is called calf.
shin:すね calf:ふくらはぎ
309 309. [Strange News] コロナ ワールド 1)2’40”
quarantine ≒keep isolated
People underestimate the power of the mind.
scam≒ tricking people into getting the money. 詐欺を働く
Things get amplified trough social media.
310 310. LMAOの意味とは… 1)2’10”
Ceder pollen gets you right in a nose
ceder pollen:スギ花粉
Meybe you have really good cerculation.
It’s means overcompensating becanse you are insecure about something.
When a police officer gets fired or suspended,…
get susupend:停職になる
you old hound dog
hound dog:ダメ男
微笑み:warm smile
苦笑い:fake smile
照れ笑い:timid smile, smile shyly, smile embarrassedly
愛想笑い:laughing to please someone
patoronize = to complement someone to make them feel better
Don’t ptoronize me. I understand my drawing sucks.
失笑:crekets コオロギ。転じて 気まずい沈黙、シーンとしてしまうこと
爆笑:roar in laughter, burst out laughing
LOL=laught aut loud
LMAO = laugh my ass off
LMFAO = laugh my fucking ass off
I split my sides laughing.
“sides” can replace “lungs(肺)” or “gut(内臓)”
hassle = pain in the ass :面倒なこと
hustle:頑張る ハッスルする
All my friends are freaking out.
freak out: びくびくする
311 311. 「リアル ニュース ジャパン」の警告 1)5’40”
You have to stick with it.
stick with~:〜を続ける
The free bird three hundred T-shirts are officially retired.
Let me give you a piece of advice.
He’s got flavor.
flavor≒swagger or confidence and style, fancy and talented
“cool” is very vague.
312 312. [Strange News] パパローソンのストーリー 1)11’45”
Hourly wage is very low.
He anonymously left a tip for 10 thousand dollars.
crazy baby snorted cocaine
You should embrace your passion.
embrace = hug :受け入れる
The thing that he’s famous for going inside of like a kind of barrel.
He had to wait for like the winds and the current to carry him across the ocean.
What a weirdo! : 変わった人だ
313 313. いくつかある選択肢の話 1)3’45”
You’ve reached your limit of living in your car.
I have a sucker from Sendai.
It’s a eerie feeling.
eerie = strange, something is wrong, something is different
There was just you and Tanaka brabbling the all time. Smith was just like a third wheel.
It drives me nuts = You make me go crazy
Don’t show them how the sausage is made. = there are a number of details that we’d rather not to hear about.
What is at the top of your bucket list?
bucket list = a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket
kick the bucket = die
We have to do a kind of reconnaissance mission .
314 314. 沖縄胸焼青春物語 1)3’30”
Ring the bell and run like hell
management fee:共益費、管理費
You are blessed with wonderful people.
bliss = pure joy, pleasure, happiness
I’ll give you a sneak peak into my work shop.
sneak peak:予告作品、プレビュー
Bears are gnarly, bro!
gnarly: やばい
whole and all
Did you eat the whole cookie?
Did you eat all the cookies?
Did you eat the whole box of cookies?
Don’t mess with me.
315 315. 猫王と美味しいキャットフード 1)3’05”
They are tame.
stray cat:野良猫
I hope there are some organizations that spay and neuter them.
spay:去勢(雌猫) neuter:去勢(雄猫)
You’re putting me on the spot.
put someone on the spot:困らせる
stir crazy = you are in a small place for too long and start to really want to go out
gobble them up
gobble up = 食べ尽くす がつがつ食べる
the world is your ouster = you can do anything you want, you have many opportunities and possibilities
When life gives you lemons,make lemonade =逆境にあっても負けずにベストを尽くせ
What’s your sign?
It’s kind of a cheesy pick-up line.
pick-up line = 口説き文句
316 316. 沖縄ウコンとシミュレーション理論 1)0’35”
It’s not an insult.
His accent is very soft and settled.
There was full of dirt and scraggly, kind of roots.
He’s got a green thumb.
= really enjoy gardening, really good at gardening
My team is behind on the project, I really need to crack the whip.
crack the whip = become strict
simulation theory: シミュレーション理論、仮想現実理論
cosmology :宇宙学
You think she is trying to seduce him?
317 317. [Strange News] “The Mad Pooper” 1)1’25”
As close as it gets. = As live as we ever do it.
Give me a break! : 勘弁してくれ!
constipation: 便秘
The opposite of diarrhea.
fairly regularly :かなり定期的に
catch someone red handed = catch someone while they are doing something bad.
In America, they’ve stopped business for non essential things.
essential things = you must have it like food,water,toilet paper, even stuff for kids like learning material.
warehouse: 倉庫
318 318. onto/onとinto/inの違い【解決編】 1)5’30”
I think it’s a great pass time.
pass time means hobby
kill time: 時間をつぶす
It(mint) will take over the whole garden.
take over:占領する
Don’t mess with mint.
mess with:〜に手を出す
I feel like you are using reverse physiology.
reverse psychology = you’re saying the opposite of the thing you want to do
They fit together like a puzzle.
May I ~ : asking for a permission
Would you~ & Could you~ : making a request to someone else
= please~
“Would you” is a little more strong, stronger way to request
“recently” is the easiest to use. It has the widest range.
“nowadays” and “these days” is a little more colloquial used in speech more.
colloquial=spoken term: 口語
“nowadays” and “these days” is usually used when there is being a change.
ex) “I’ve been going to the gym these days.”
“I didn’t used to go, but now, these days I’m going.”
They(“nowadays” and “these days”) are basically all the same.
Using them at the end of the sentence is much more common.
319 319. 追いやられたGoGo号と壮大なDad joke 1)0’55”
We are recording two in a row.
two in a row:連続して、続けて
So you had to park in a shitty spot.
Hit me with the listener questions!
hit someone with something = to tell someone something interesting,exciting or shocking.
“exactly” and “that’s right”
“Exactly” is just a little more exact.7)23’15”
that’s right < exactly < exactly right
taunting = picking on
pick on=いびる、いじめる
I dare you to go talk to her.
How dare you!
daredevil :向こうみずな人
superduper pooper scooper
320 320. Dadの歌と白物家電の幸福感 1)2’30”
You didn’t have any electrical appliances.
•electrical appliances:電気器具
I skip the rock on the river.
•skip rocks:水切り遊びをする
Happiness is all in your perspective,or in your mind, the way you think.
You should be grateful for everything in your life. Then you will be happy.
Just keep blast it away.
blast away:(銃を)撃ち続ける
321 321. [Strange News] 人見知り吉アナゴ 1)2’15”
You pull an all nighter = stay up all night until the morning :徹夜する
It was all fake. They got me!
•they got me:やられた!
He pulled the car over.
•pull over:路肩に寄せる、停止させる
He’s got some chops = He’s got some guts. He’s got some confidence
chop ≒ charisma
Due to the recent situation, many craft breweries are having to throw away , dump out their delicious beer.
dump out:捨てる、処分する
If something is pasteurized,it means usually you heat it up to kill the bacteria and make it.So it lasts longer.
unpasteurized means raw.
They postponed it indefinitely.
It was fake news that went viral.
go viral:(インターネットや口コミで情報が)拡散する
322 322. AirPodsの新しい機能と最後まで耐えられなかったヨシ 1)3’25”
goatee is the hair that grow on your chin.
above your lip,between your nose and your lip is called a “mustache“
A beard is if you have a full from like one ear to the other across your whole face.
five o’clock shadow:夕刻に目立ってくるひげ
I did a double take.
I couldn’t put my finger on it. = I couldn’t quite understand what is different.
The thing that really drove me crazy is that I lost AirPods in my house.
•it drive me crazy =イライラする、怒る
grab & hold on to & seize
It can also mean “buy”, “get something”
ex)Do you want me to grab your beer?
②hold on to = continue grabbing, keep
ex) I forgot my sunglasses. Can you please hold on to them for me?
③seize= take control of
ex) Seize him! = Arrest him!
seize the moment = go and take the chance. when the opportunity comes, don’t waste it.
I’ve got a bone to pick.
323 Rock and roll, baby! 蚊によく刺されるヨシの対策 1)2’50”
Lots of people say that your friends represent empty spots of yourself.
Once in a while,I crave an ice cold plum wine and soda.
You are the ultimate brown-noser.
You’ll be especially vulnerable.
Pressure makes diamonds.
In your life,when you have pressure, it makes you stronger,makes you better,makes you into a diamond.
324 324. さよならパケット / 夏のキングはだれ?の話 1)12’20”
corridor = hall way = 廊下
Due to the corona virus, internet company can’t come and hook it up.
hook up: 取り付ける、据え付ける
They at least reimburse you for the price of the router.
They find any little crack to squeeze through.
squeeze through :無理矢理通る
life sentence:終身刑
class clown = the one kid in class who kind of always tells jokes and makes everyone laugh.
(literary) May you grace as your presence, = If you are going to come,
325 325. [Strange News] お酒を奪うスイカマン 1) 6:50
It would deter some people.
2) 13:55
sorrow = sad 悲しみ、悲哀
3) 15:20
skyrocket : 急増する
4) 20:30
But she fought it off and survived.
fight off : 撃退する
5) 20:55
She’s lived through a lot of things and now the corona virus is just one more thing she has survived.
live through : 乗り越える
6) 22:05
The lockdown has been lifted.
lift: (禁止令などを)解除する
7) 22:45
But we are over the hump.
over the hump: 峠を越えた、危機を脱した
8) 25:00
walk in = customer with no appointment
9) 25:45
If you out in Europe and you look around, all the men have scraggly beards and scuffy long hair.
scraggly: もじゃもじゃの
scruffy: だらしない、むさ苦しい
326 326. ひとみじいちゃんよ、永遠に。 1)2:00
You are young at heart.
You have a very sleek, slick haircut.
electric clippers :バリカン
straight razor:(西洋)かみそり
5)You kind sneak up on me and cut off my ponytail ?
sneak up on:こっそり近づく
scalp= native people in North America did. Grab you and chop your head and hair with it. 頭皮を剥ぐ
Hopefully there’ll be some good thing some silver line.
silver line:希望の兆し
Dump his ass! = Break up with him!
327 327. エイブ蝶々が羽ばたけばヨシが犬小屋をゲットする理論 1)2:55
ground meat:ひき肉
For drugs or alcohol or coffee or anything that your body gets used to
Hold your alcohol = don’t get drunk
He has a high tolerance to alcohol.
Blessing and a curse :善し悪しだ、素晴らしいことだが困る(大変な)ことでもある
humble (謙遜) + brag(自慢)
humble = modest
○make the best of it
≒ If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
make the best of the situation
It’s the best you can do.
○get the most out of it
This is not necessarily a bad situation.
328. ピクルスの汁にハマるエイブと自室で職質を受けるヨシ
1) 3:30
Recently I’ve discovered a delicacy.
= someting very yummy and dericious, special food.
=ごちそうデリカシーがない=He’s not delicate2) 4:25
blow up:ホイッスルを鳴らす3) 6:00
brine:(漬物用)塩水4) 7:15
mascle cramp:筋肉痛

5) 14:35
The police come and interrogate you.
6) 21:40
I was getting just a little bit like antsy.

7) 23:15

8) 26:40
Free birds are breaking free of their masks.
break free of:~から抜け出す

9) 31:35
safe and sound: 無事に

10) 49:30
It’s always abbreviated to “etc”.

329 329. [Strange News] エイブチ & ヨシシモ 1) 6:10
Are you using reverse phychology?
use reverse phychology: わざと 逆のことを言って挑発する2) 16:30
One of their rules was that they completely banned alcohol.
ban: 禁止する3) 19:25
Group of them decided to plan a heist.
heist = robbery. but it’s a very carefully planned,carefully done robbery.:強盗4) 21:00
5) 21:10
like a gib elaborate heist
elaborate: 入念な、手の込んだ6) 26:25
The people in England nicknamed this rule the bonking band.
bonk:(slang) 性交する

7) 28:35
The government, in my opinion, having too much control, interfering too much.

8) 31:40
The goverment can’t stop us from being human.
We just need to be responsible and sensible.

330 330. ○○やめました。 1) 3:10
I think that would be an absolutely train wreck.
train wreck = big mess ; 大惨事2) 4:15
to wreck something = to damage it beyond repair3) 4:45
If you kind of crash your boat and you get stuck on a island,  that called “being ship wrecked”.4) 8:35
empathy = feeling something for someone else or kind of putting your mind inside their mind and thinking from their point of view or feeling their pain, kind of like that.; 共感、感情移入
5) 15:35
You mean, if I’m having empty stomach, I might be realy grumpy?
grumpy: イライラした
irritable : 怒りっぽい、短気な6) 16:25
I got on the scale, I weighed myself.
weigh myself: 体重を測る

firm: 堅い

8) 19:50
They are kind of  the same firmnesses any tomato?
9) 33:40
geeky looking guy
geeky: ダサい、おかしな

10) Hang in there! : あきらめずにがんばれ!

331 331. 夢見るマックダディーと悪夢に叩き起こされる自由鳥たち 1)2:05
mack= hit on girl, to do it very well
mack daddy = guy who has very attractive and ladies are interested in him2)7:30
My eyelids are heavy.
They tried to rip me off.
rip off:ぼったくる4)12:10
They cut the corner.
cut the corner:手を抜く、節約する
gregarious: 社交的な6)33:05
“micro” is short for microscopic.

National Assembly:国民議会

commit a faux pas
means kind of like eating rice and you just jam the chopsticks in the middle of the rice or you do something that isn’t socially acceptable.
embarrassing mistake about etiquette.
faux pas:無作法
commit :してしまう
There is some kind of hatred.
French feels that they were oppressed.

Their language evolved.

Eventually the English beat the French and England conclude France at some point and they were back and forth!

12)I don’t wanna people to be cramped in there.

332 332. [Strange News] オナラで罰金! 1)9:30
The man suddenly leaned to the side.
lean to the side:横に傾く2)10:35
If a fart slips out by accident, then the police wouldn’t be mad.
slip out:こぼれ出る、すべり出る4)20:55
They are in jail for fraud.
Some of the games she plays like..I try them ,but they are too intense.
333 333. I’ve got a crush on you, baby! 〜惚れたぜベイビー!〜 1)9:30
The man suddenly leaned to the side.
lean to the side:横に傾く2)10:35
If a fart slips out by accident, then the police wouldn’t be mad.
slip out:こぼれ出る、すべり出る4)20:55
They are in jail for fraud.
Some of the games she plays like..I try them ,but they are too intense.
6) 25:05
It’s not smooth pavement, it’s kind of gravel.

7) 39:00
So she wants to do an appreniceship at a cherry farm?

8) 48:50
That’s so bizarre.

9) 50:20
I’ll give you a call and check in on you.
check in on~:~のことを調べる

334 334. ヨサシ:スーパー ウェット 1) 2:45
pour suddenly
pour: 激しく降る、降り注ぐ2) 3:45
Are you going to take a chance?
take a chance: いちかばちかやってみる3) 4:55
You’re susceptible to motion sickness.
susceptible = you are affected by it : 影響を受けやすい4) 13:20
It’s time to hang up the groves.
hang up the groves = retire5) 17:15
You bamboozled me.
bamboozle = cheat : だます
6) 24:55
I don’t think I was overly rough.

7) 32:35
I’ll keep track of guesses.
keep track of: ~を見失わないようにする

8) 39:05
Even though, it was a total fluke.
fluke = super lucky

9) 40:10
Bring it on! : かかってこい!

10) 44:40
Saturday, there’s still room.
there is room : 余地がある

335 335. [Strange News] 裸のカウボーイ♪ 1)  1:40
“slim pickings” means there are not many choices.
slim pickings:乏しい収穫2) 6:30
Recently, the naked cowboy had a close call.
have a close call : 危機一髪で助かる、九死に一生を得る3) 7:00
The black lives matter are very important movement.
Black lives matter: (略BLM) 黒人に対する暴力や構造的な人種差別の撤廃を訴える、国際的な積極行動主義の運動4) 7:10
They are canting and demonstrating near city hall.
chant : 唱える
5) 8:35
*Democrats & Republicans
Democrats->left states
Republicans->right states
*Republicans are the party that Donald Trump belongs to.
*Republicans tend to more conservative.
*Some people think that all Republicans are racist.
*Southern states tend to be Republicans states.6) 10:05
It was spoked by some police brutality events.
brutality = savage phcical violence : 残虐行為

7) 14:10
They called him a traitor.
traitor : 裏切者
You have to love your fellowman.
fellowman = all people : 人間同士、同胞

9) 24:50
His bladder like ripped.
rip: 裂ける、破れる

10) 25:45
They had to cut him open and sew up his bladder.
sew up : 縫合する

There’s the man in Tokyo who has become obsessed with lost gloves.
obsessed with~: ~で頭がいっぱいである

12) 35:50
serial killer : 連続殺人犯

336 336. 沖繩ビーパと電子メールエチケット 1) 2:00
You mean, did I get my money’s worth?
元を取ったかってこと?2) 3:05
I was grooving to some funky music, Yoshi-baby!
groove to: ~で盛り上がる3) 6:25
But then they silently and sneakily reconnect with your bluetooth and they stop charging!
sneakily : こっそりと4) 11:45
Oh, you, son of a gun!
son of a gun : なんてことだ
5) 12:55
So you are wearing a bathing suit but you didn’t go in the ocean?
bathing suit: 水着6) 17:15
There’s more to it than that.

7) 24:50
And it fills you up.
fill up: 食欲を満たす

8) 28:40
So he’s wondering what length of email he should write.
9) 29:55
There’s no pleasantry
pleasantry: 礼儀上の言葉、あいさつ

10) 32:45
She wasn’t a kind of person who would fly off the handle or get easily upset.
fly off the handle : 急に怒り出す、キレる

11) 39:05
Maybe it’s their way to show you that they don’t want long drawn-out emails.
drawn-out: 長々と続く

12) 44:50
memory lane: 昔懐かしい思い出

337 337. 青の洞窟:名前の由来とスターガーデンの新メニュー 1)0:50
•AKA: also know as2)4:30
They wanted to kind of see if maybe you are a good person to experiment on under the hospital.
•experiment on:実験をする3)9:10
You sent me a picture, it was absolutely stunning.
•stunning: 素晴らしい、見事な4)10:35
So the waves kind of rocked you back and forth and made you feel a little sick.
•rock: 揺り動かす5)19:45
Maybe he joined forces with the doctors.
•join forces with〜: 〜と力を合わせる、〜と手を組む
He made ice cream out of onions.
•made out of: (材料)から作る

It was a delicious and you could really appreciate the pure flavors.
•appreciate: 〜の良さがわかる
•appreciate the pure flavors: 素材本来の良さを味わう

I mean it boggles your mind.
•boggle someone’s mind: をぎょっとさせる、びっくり仰天させる

big and large
*there isn’t much difference in the meaning between big and large.
*simple word or more advanced word
*little child would not say “large”
*”large” is usually used for size
*big→much more general description
huge & massive
*simple word or more advanced word
•巨大な→enormous, gigantic, gargantuan
*Being able to use massive,enormous,gigantic, it’s just another level to your language skills.
*There isn’t really that much of the difference in usage.

He has huge biceps.
•biceps :二頭筋

338 338. [Strange News] 泥棒 vs ピザ 1)6:00
I’m a naked tribe!
tribe: 部族、種族2)12:10
This new organization is a basically three different companies that are going to work in synergy with each other.
•in synergy with : 〜との相乗効果で3)17:25
He was tossing pizza dough.
•pizza dough:ピザ生地4)17:55
A man came into his shop holding a big machete.
•machete = really big kかわnife. almost like a sword.5)20:20
He was swinging around.
•swing around: 振り回す
But by that time, he was too flustered.

A dark smoky bar with just a few regulars.

assault rifle: 突撃銃

The guy came in has his huge freaking gun.
•freaking: (fuckingの婉曲表現)

Grim Reaper: 死神

In Florida, there has Been a huge spike in cases.
•spike: 急増

339 339. 怒りの言葉を練習するノンネイティブな二人 1) 5:30
So that’s why it’s insulting to say it to a person.
・insult: 侮辱する2) 6:15
They wag little tales, they lick your face.
・wag: (体の一部を)振る
・lick: なめる3) 12:40
When you are blowing of steam, and complaining about your boss or your mother in law.
blow off steam: 怒りをあらわにする4) 13:40
If you say it about a man, it’s usually kind of meaning that he is weak and like he won’t stick up for himself or he doesn’t  have integrity.
・stick up for oneself: 自己弁護する
・integrity: 誠実、正直
5) 14:30
If you have a boss who blames the miss, the mistakes or things on his subordinates rather than taking responsibility for his team…
・subordinate: 部下
・blame: 責める、~の責任にする6) 23:10
I am in crunch time right now.
・in crunch time = before a big event, hurry to get many things done. : 切羽詰まって、必死に仕事をして

7) 25:15
sometime it squirts out suddenly.
・squirt out: 噴出する

8) 38:20
Your smile is very comforting
Thank you comforting me.
9) 46:45

10) 46:55
Did you freak out?
・freak out: ひどくびくつく

340 340. 言い張るワークショッパーと餌付けをするシュノーケラー 1) 2:10
Pink soaking wet shower shirt.
・soaking wet:びしょ濡れで、ずぶ濡れで2) 2:40
You are dry as abone.
・dry as a bone: (骨のように)ひからびた、カラカラで3) 4:45
literally: 文字通り4) 4:55
And I got to put a lot of names to faces.
・put a name to a face: 顔と名前が一致する5) 5:45
And other people we met two years ago, but it was a first time in ages.
・in ages: 長い間、久しぶりに
6) 12;:05
・be banned for life: 永久追放される

7) 16:20
I got rained on every day.
be(got) rained on: 雨にあう

8) 18:05
I blasted the air conditioning.
・blast: 吹き付ける

9) 19:20
It’s started raining cats and dogs.
・rain cats and dogs = pouring rain, pissing rain : 雨が激しく降る、土砂降り

10) 22:31
When I use both airpods at the same time, they often don’t sync up properly.
sync up = to connect
11) 26:35
You are pushing your luck.
・push one’s luck: 図に乗る、調子に乗る

12) 29:50
You barfed in the ocean?
・barf = vomit, puke, throw up : 吐く、戻す

13) 43:45
・splinter: とげ

14) 46:30
Base your menu off of their menu.
base off of = base on : ~に基づく

341 [Strange News] ガソリンで消毒? 1) 4:50
Doesn’t my voice sound a little bit scratchy?
・scratchy: かすれ気味の、しゃがれた2) 9:00
worrier: 心配性3) 11:40
It’s easy to kind of lose track of how much you are drinking.
・lose track of~: ~の現状がわからなくなる4) 17:50
suddenly you see this guy kind of flashing his junk.
・flash: ちらっと見せる(変質者などの突然の行動)
・junk = nickname of genitals5) 18:40
That’s my man! = さすが!
6) 20:20
You can crash a zoom party with a farm animal.
・crash: (パーティなどに強引に)押し入る、押しかける

7) 23:00
Last year, he said that he cured himself from being gay.
・cure: 治す、治療する

8) 26:25
Lysol is like alcohol disinfecting spray.
・disinfect: 消毒する

9) 27:10
If you dip it in gasoline, that son of the bitch covid won’t stand a chance.
・stand a chance: ひとたまりもない、手も足も出ない
10) 28:00
lunatic= crazy person

11) 31:45
They followed the fox back to his den.
・den: 巣

342 342. GoGo的忍者コスチューム 1)3:10
Usually board shorts have a drawstring, maybe a velcro fly.
•drawstring = string you tie at your waist :ギャザーのある衣服の腰などをしめる引き紐
•fly = the part of the board shorts that opens up in a front : 前チャック2)4:30
When someone’s fly is not done up…
“Hey, your fly is down.”
“Your fly is low.”
“Your fly is open.”
“Do up your fly.”3)15:40
You’ve been tossing and turning.
•toss and turn: (眠れなくて)寝返りを打つ
Hiding, popping your head out. You ninja sneak around Don Quijote.
•pop one’s head out:ひょいと顔を出す5)21:15
There are very few critical cases these days.
•critical case:重症者6)34:00
•prostitute: 売春婦

Tell me about it. :その通り。よくわかる。

He lost it.
He snapped.
He flipped out.
He lost his shit.
= get angry
Some young people like to sag their pants. = They like to wear their pants low.

•damn = sent to hell (元の意味)
•Where are damn masks!
→ express his anger and to say something very strong

I got my money’s worth.
•get one’s money’s worth =払ったお金に見合うだけのものを得る、元を取る

343 343. PREMIUMエピソード紹介と抜き打ちダッドジョーク 1)1:40
The rainy season ended, and I very exactly went out into the sun!2)10:05
I was really bummed out = I felt a little bit down
•bummed out: がっかりした3)13:10
appliance: (家庭用)電化製品4)18:15
So you are on a separate island.
•separate island: 離島5)19:40
So is today a kind of recon mission?
•recon mission = reconnaissance mission: 偵察行為(ここでは”下見”の意)
He leaned over and he was drinking the water.
•lean over:〜に身を乗り出す

Oh, do you mean the gorilla that spank the lion right on the ass?


hall of fame:栄誉殿堂、偉人

How neat!

344 344. [Strange News] 街中のベースジャンパーズ 1)1:20
Don’t worry! We’ll keep you company.
You can always count on the old dawg, Yoshi & Abe.
•keep someone company: 〜と一緒にいる、〜のそばにいる
•base jumpers = kind of like skydivers except they don’t use an airplane. They jump off very high cliffs or jump off tall buildings.5)11:15
It caught on something and he was dangling from his parachute.
•catch on:〜にひっかかる
•dangle = hang from :ぶら下がる
When the fire department arrived,Liu was just kind of chilling there, stuck in the well with him arms crossed.
•chill: 落ち着く、くつろぐ
•stick in : はまり込む


Both his legs has to be amputated.
•amputate: 切断する

•prosthetics leg: 義足

His adrenaline was pumping.


345. 東北魂を忘れていない(はずの)ヨシと上手すぎたエイブの仙台弁

1) 4:15
How delightful!
・delightful:楽しい(想像すると笑顔になったり気分がよくなるような「楽しい」を表したい時に使うことが多い)2) 5:40
You’ve crossed the line.
・cross the line:一線を越える3) 6:15
・indecent exposure:公然わいせつ罪4) 8:35
double dip:二度漬けする
はしごする=to go to a second place, third place…
To keep the party going
5) 11:30
There are only two things in life that are certain.
No.1 is “death”, and No.2 is “tax”.6) 32:05
imposer = scam artist:詐欺師

7) 33:00
= someone who very quickly changes to match their surroundings.
Yoshi is a chameleon. He is fit right in down in Okinawa.
・fit in:~溶け込む、なじむ

ocean and sea
Ocean is very big.
There are only 4 oceans in the world.
The sea is the ocean where kind of comes between two pieces of land.

346 346. すべてはメンタルで乗り切ることが出来るか問題 1) 1:00
When I heard the flush at the end, It caught me off guard.
・catch someone off guard : 人の不意をつく
= I was a little surprised.
2) 1:45
The first time I called you “dawg”, you seemed a little bit insulted.
・insult : ばかにする
3) 2:20
sensitive ⇔ thick skin
He or She has a thick skin = They are not easily upset, or sad. you can say anything to them
4) 4:10
empathetic: 共感できる、感情移入できる
5) 6:40
fret: 心配する
6) 7:35
I’m so happy that I went through with it.
・go through with:(困難なことを)やり遂げる
extreme athlete
8) 12:15
9) 14:50
feat = challenge
・accomplish a feat = overcome a challenge :偉業を成し遂げる
10)  18:30
He wowed us with his magic tricks.
・wow :あっと言わせる
11) 19:55
電柱:power pole, telephone pole
12) 26:45
History repeat itself :(諺)歴史は繰り返す
13) 27:40
it can stop or repel water temporarily.
・waterproof: 防水
it won’t let water through. It is tougher.
14) 28:40
It looks like I gave my iPhone one too river bath.
・one too many times:何回も~しすぎて
15) 34:10
Digital data is all made up of binary code.
・binary code:2進コード
16) 44:45
Bombay + Hollywood
17) 49:00
・melting pod = very diverse placeVarious cities in Canada have an ice hockey team.
The cities have a lot of diversity.This menu has various Japanese foods.
This menu has a diverse selection of Japanese foods.When I enjoyed at the swimming pool of the hotel in Ho Chi Minh, a old lady who came from Australia asked me,
“Where did you buy it? Japan? Oh–! I’ve never seen like this before. It seems very convenient!”
She took a picture of it.
Why don’t you use it, Abe?
347 347. [Strange News] 先生!やめて下さい!! 1) 4:55
These guys have these big tree trunk legs.
・tree trunk: 木の幹2) 16:05
・ventilation system:換気装置3) 16:25
・malfunction: 正常に機能しない、誤作動する4) 21:10
合宿: training camp5) 24:50
eyewitness: 目撃者
6) 26:55
・tear someone a new asshole:(vulgar slang)すごいしかられる

7)  34:45

8) 35:25

9) 37:55
・fecal transplantation:(糞便中の腸内細菌叢を移植する治療法)糞便移植

348 348. 思い出し笑いの真相と価格交渉術 1)1:15
•pervert: いやらしい目つきで見る、変態的行為をする2)2:40
kinky=outside of the normal stuff
Oh no! You found me out!
•find someone out: 正体を見抜く4)10:35
burst out laughing :爆笑する5)17:55
You said you accused me of being a kinky dirty dog.
•accuse〜of being:〜を・・・呼ばわりする
•dirty dawg:<下劣なやつ>
My finger are crossed. = I’m hoping for a good result.

常連:regular customer

You can’t just wipe the memory.

I think the art of bargaining or negotiating is to make a deal that is good for both people.
•art: 能力、技、術

I was surprised how accurate the subtitles are.
•accurate: 正確な

349 349. Teacher Talk! & Take Time vs. Spend Time 1)2:35
It barely hit the main island.
①graze = barely hit something
ex) A bullet grazed my forehead.
②graze = chew on grass
When cows are in a field, eating grass,that’s also called grazing.2)4:00
You stock up on supplies?
•stock up on:買いだめする
Japan is rather prone to natural disasters.
•prone = tendency it often happens :〜しがちな、〜する傾向がある4)11:15
•house musician:専属ミュージシャン5)13:10
•crack the whip
I have a sleep spindle.
•sleep spindle:睡眠紡錘波

toilet anxiety

•vulnerable = unprotected:すきだらけで

Your pants are undone.

We are going to pump out a lot of episodes until October.
•pump out = produce more of something
—Body parts expressions—
•pain in the neck = hassle

•I have a ichy feet. = I’m going stir-crazy. = always going somewhere.

•put some elbow grease into it. = work hard!

•You don’t have to twist my arm.
A: “Would you like a beer?”
B: “Twist my arm why doncha!”
=“Yes,of course I want a beer!”
Usually it’s used for something that’s very yummy and unhealthy.

•pulling my hair out = very flustered

•poke your nose into someone’s business:〜のことに口出しする
“take time” and “spend time”

“spend time” is more active.
①take time:時間がかかる
Ex) It takes a long time to get good at English.
You must spend a lot of time studying.

②take time = reserve time for something
Ex) Tomorrow I’m going to take a bit of time to go to the gym.
•take your time = take it easy, go slowly

Add on

His accent is very subtle.
•subtle : かすかな、わずかな

350. [Strange News] ロケットマン!
Yoshi is ready for business twenty-four seven.
•twenty-four seven:24時間年中無休で→いつも、しょっちゅう2)8:05
•fear of heights:高所恐怖症3)13:25
•shrink up:縮み上がる5)31:00
351 351. 二人が浮かれるロボットと離島の家 1)1:50
反抗期:rebellious phase
It docks with it’s charger.
Turtles sometimes kind of bash each other, right?
•bash = hit something:ぶつける4)9:50
They kind of ram their shell into the other turtle.

Even though you’ve got a house, you are gonna hit the road again.
•hit the road:出発する

I just want to crawl into a hole.

When you feel really embarrassed,
“I just want to crawl into a hole and die.”

eat and drink and have

•“have” can be used for eating or drinking.
•“have” doesn’t have any kind of image attached to it.
•“drink” can sound redundant.
The verb and the noun is the same word.
Ex) How many drink did you drink?


352 352. 【驚愕】ブーメランパンツの別名 1)5:30
The stars aligned perfectly.
= you get very lucky and everything is perfect2)虫除けスプレー:mosquito spray = bugs repellent
•repel = push them away3)16:20
•banana hammock = boomerang pants = speedos5)30:40
Let’s bang out some of these listener questions
•bang out = do something quickly.
arrows and spears

she’ll see the flickering of fire from a far away.

Because of the corona virus, instead of shaking hands you can fist bump with people.
•fist bump:グータッチ
•blow it up:爆発させる

He was trying to claim himself the king of summer.
•claim oneself:主張する

Maybe he moons his butt.
•moon:(俗) 尻を出して見せる

353 353. [Strange News] A Very Bad Cat 1)1:05
It’s overcast. = it’s cloudy.2)2:45
At first, the new shape of my microphone, it kind of put me off.
•put off = bother;不快にする、うんざりさせる3)17:00
Can you name all the countries of the United Kingdom?
•name= 〜の名前を挙げる4)21:30
He just wanted to show off his snake skin mask.
•show off: 見せびらかす5)21:45

•contraband= illegal things :禁制品

The prison guards took the smuggler to a interrogation room.
•prison guard:看守
•interrogation room:取調室

•prison cell:(刑務所の)独房

“Get busy living or get busy dying”
-from the Shawshank redemption

I’m calling out Gifu!
•call out:呼びかける

354 354. 時間に追われてるエイブ 1)3:30
That’s insane! = That’s crazy!
•insane: 常軌を逸した、正気とは思えない2)4:10
We got a little bit loose.
•get loose: ゆるむ
•get pretty loose:酒を飲んですっかりできあがる3)14:25
I was already really pressed for time.
•be pressed for time:時間に追われている4)14:40
I didn’t have any time to spare.
•have time to spare:時間に余裕がある5)17:15
Are you being a little bit sarcastic?

You can almost always trust that your belongings are safe in Japan.

•venison = deer meat


死んだフリをする = play dead
Because the bear’s natural instinct will be to chase you.

•astonishment = to just see something where you can’t believe your eyes , like your jaw drops.

熊に遭遇した時の驚き••in English
スタンガン(stun gan)のstun
Ex) We were stunned when we saw this huge bear.
•petrified = so scared that you can’t even move
•scared stiff: 恐怖で怯える
•scare the shit out of = (rude slang) to shock or frighten one very suddenly or severely

355 355. エイブ流の若さを保つ方法 1) 3:30
Where you only eat for short time each day, so within an 8 hour window.
・window:時間帯、時間枠2) 4:55
fountain for youth:若返りの泉3) 6:10
placebo effect:プラシーボ効果4) 7:55
When you say something out loud, often it will come true. And if you say something again and again, you’ll start to believe it.
And when you believe it even if you know it’s not true, your body will react to your mind.
Your body will follow your mind.
It’s all mental!5) 11:55
So then I’m 35, I’ll reassess my feelings, and I’ll either start to count for again or I’ll go all the way back to 30.
I’m not insecure about getting older.

7) 23:00

8) 24:30
But when the sun is shining, it’s still quite warm and pleasant.

9) 25:45
ホタル:firefly, lighting bug(米)

10) 26:10
・errand = little things you have to do :(屋外での短距離移動を伴う)用事

11) 29:25

12) 37:30
giving someone a Dutch oven = When you are in bed with someone, and you fart and then you hold their head under the blanket.

13) 40:15
dairy product:乳製品

14) 42:70
・indecisive: 決断力のない、優柔不断な

15) 44:00
“forbid” and “prohibit” and “ban”

“forbid” has a kind of religious nuance.
ex) (Parents to children) I forbid you to see that boy.

“prohibit” has legal, organizational, institutional nuance.
ex) In the public park, open fires are prohibited.

“ban” has wide range, harsh nuance. completely getting rid of it.
ex) My friend is banned from going to the night club we used to work.

356 356. [Strange News] “Good things come to those who wait.” 1) 3:00
・plexiglass:(商標)プレキシガラス = plastic glass, see-through plastic wall
2) 3:40
・pope = the leader of the Catholic church
3) 4:00
・bulletproof glass:防弾ガラス
4) 7:15
It’s time to get pumped up, Yoshi!
get pumped up = get exited
5) 7:40
Usually you say it when you are surprised or even a little scared.
6) 12:30
・dorm = dormitory :寮
7) 16:55
They had to take the dryer apart.
・take apart:(機器などを)分解する、ばらばらにする
8) 17:05
9) 17:35
She just feels like an idiot
10) 24:35
11) 25:15
Better late than never:遅くても何もしないよりはまし
12) 26:30
The last strange news just reinforces, just tells me even more, at my way of playing the lottery is correct.
357 357. 負けるな俺たち!言語学習あるある 1)5:00
And they have a fierce rivalry.
So you would give me the cold shoulder if I ate Yamagata’s imoni ?
・cold shoulder:塩対応3)10:00
•skewer: 串4)13:15
•ditch:溝、水路 = usually in a countryside, it’s not covered any things.5)15:25
•to ditch something or someone = to leave them

Do your feet or legs fall asleep?
•fall asleep:しびれる

•双眼鏡: binocular

•peep : のぞき見する

•hard pass = definitely no thank you
With your eyes, dum dum!
•dum dum:ばか、まぬけ

学童:day care (after school day care center)

358. エイブの萌日本語と「急がば回れ」が意味するモノ
You mean, crows tend to gather at abandoned buildings?
•abandoned building:廃墟3)8:00
Haste makes waste: 急いては事を仕損じる、急がば回れ4)10:00
•soak up:吸い上げる
= when something spilled, you use a cloth or paper towel to soak it up.5)12:40
I’ll let you know if I get a way with it or not.
•get a way with it: 処罰を免れる

•spick-and-span: とてもきれいな、きちんとした

•bug zapper: 殺虫灯

I don’t follow you = I don’t understand you

“to let” usually means to allow.
“let know” has evolved to mean tell.

359 359. [Strange News] ジェフリー!おい、ジェフリー!! 1)9:10
I wrung it out. = I soaked it in water and I twisted it like you get water out.
•wring our:(濡れたものをしぼって)水分を取る2)16:10
So the ticktockers are banging in the back ground.
•bang= have sex4)21:35
“Ticktocker’s unexpected raunchy scene in the background.”
•raunchy= overt sexial, x-rated :ひわいな
And she catches it in the corner of her eye.
•in the corner of one’s eye= 視界の片隅で

•dominatrix: (SMプレイの)女王様


360. 東北ボーイズ & アクション忍者
1) 8:55
Sendai is a fairly big city, but it’s small enough that you often bump into people that you know.
・bump into:人とばったり出会う
・fairly: まあまあ2) 9:50
・Eskimo brothers = you have the same ex-girlfriends.3) 12:50
Taking a walk down memory lane = to remember happy time in the past. : 過去の思い出をたどる
4) 16:45
So they have awamori like on tap, kind like a beer?
・beer on tap:生ビール5) 17:05
What dose Yoshi do when he gets completely wasted?
・get wasted:酔っぱらう6) 26:00
Where there is the will, there is a way.: 為せば成る

7) 32:00
Look before you leap: (飛ぶ前に見よ) 転ばぬ先の杖

8) 38:40
「がんばってください」 to podcaster
“Keep up the good work.”
“Thanks for the free contents.”
“I really enjoy your episodes.”

9) 41:30
You worked under-the-table.

10) 44:05
You can do many manual labor job.
・manual labor:肉体労働

361 361. 凹んだヨシと家の壁 1)3:50
I’ve had it on the back burner.
•on the back burner = saving it for later2)6:00
If you lean back or sit in a wrong place, it will kind tip over?
•tip over:ひっくり返る4)28:50
So you saw her off, but after that, you should have join!
•see off:見送る
As they left, a wave of sadness washed over your naked body.
•wash over:(感情が心に)押し寄せる6)31:10
•berry button:おへそ

•meek = shy or timid :おとなしい

Use it or lose it. = 使うか失うかだ

She is a homemaker who loves foreign dramas.
•crunch time = when you are rushing and trying to do something right before it happens.

Was there a time when everything just seemed to click.
•click: 分かる、ピンと来る

362 362. [Strange News] アラジンの魔法のランプ 1)2:25
I love dirty old man song, so I can sing it by heart.
•by heart:暗記して2)3:50
Of course the reason is the mail-in voting.
•mail-in voting:郵送投票3)4:05
The American postal system just couldn’t handle it and couldn’t get it all on time.
The anti-Trump people might riot and go crazy and break windows and steal things.
loot a store = break the windows and steal all the stuff
•loot: (戦争、暴動などに乗じて民家、商店などから物を)略奪する6)11:10

•con = to trick someone and steal their money :詐欺、ペテン師


One of his bitches gave birth to a litter of puppies.
•litter: (動物の)一腹の子、一緒に生まれた子たち
Right away she had a very kind a mean look on her face.

363 363. 鬼の……猫の居ぬ間にボーイズナイト 1) 1:35
When the cat is away, the mice will play.:鬼の居ぬ間に洗濯2) 6:20
We would very primitively cook meat on fire.
・primitively:原始的に3) 9:00
The role was reversed = The tables were turned : 立場が逆になる4) 9:10
I got to just stumble over into my bed room and fall asleep.
・stumble over: よろめく5) 13:35
I was in the zone editing on the train.
・in the zone : 完全に集中して

6) 14:35
So I slammed my laptop shut.
7) 16:15
It was a close call, but I had my wallet, I had my bags, I was ready for check in.
・close call: 危機一髪

8) 33:00
・alumni: alumnusの複数形。 以前の仲間、同窓生

9) 34:30
Her pronunciation of vowel and “R” sounds are spot on.
・be spot on: 完全に正しい

10) 44:15
some girls would dress quite provocatively.

11) 45:10
・midriff: 上腹部
bare midriff: へそ出しルック

12) 49:15
So he has the terrific voice.
・terrific: 素晴らしい、すごくいい

13) 49:30
・point-blank: 露骨な、あけすけの

14) 49:50
・beat around the bush: 遠回しに言う

15) 50:25
「太ったね!」”You got fat!”
It’s very rude to say “fat”.
fat→ big, big-boned, heavy

16) 52:40
“He’s not very smart”
<rude> dumb, un idiot, moron
→ He is not the brightest guy. He’s not the smartest guy in the world.

364 364. 鳴らない電話と壊れたメガネ 1)3:45
So you don’t get up, you just wake up at 5 in the morning.
•get up: 横になっている状態から起き上がること
•wake up: 寝ている状態から目が覚めること2)4:30
•night awl:夜更かしをする人3)7:40
The early bird gets the worm.:早起きは三文の得
First come first serve.:早い者勝ち4)10:55
海水パンツ=board shorts, bathing suit5)11:50
You are out there bobbing around in the waves, paddling around, but maybe you didn’t choose a calm area.
•bob around:上下に揺れる

Don’t kick yourself.
•kick oneself:自分を責める

Tocinmash is on a hiatus.
•hiatus= long break
People are apprehensive about joining an event.
I do take precautions, when I do a workshop, make sure that the venue is not full.
•venue: 開催地、会場

•chin= only peak of your jaw, tip of your jaw

365 365. [Strange News] バースデーベア 1) 9:05
He saw a light pole that was broken and had fallen over.
・fall over:倒れる2) 9:40
・hot dog: (満足、賛成、喜び、意気込みなどを表す) しめた! やった! すごい! ありがたい!3) 20:55
A bear is a very opportunistic.
・opportunistic: チャンスを逃さない4) 21:40
Especially around this time of year, they are trying to eat as much as possible before they hibernate for the winter.
・hibernate: 冬眠する
5) 26:40
・bromance: (brother + romance) 性的な関係はない、男同士の親密な関係6) 27:45
Sri Lanka is an island, so fishing is very important. And it’s staple of the Sri Lankan diet.
・staple = main part : 主要な
・diet: 食生活

7) 30:25
Also the price of fish has plummeted.
・plummet= drop very quickly : (価値、価格などが)急落する

366. 吉晴子 & エイブリーナ boom-boom POW!
1) 4:20
It like sucks the water up and then you shoot it out of the board and it lifts you up.
・shoot out of~:~を飛び出して行く2) 6:45
I have been zipping around, zooming around town.
= going here and there, sending my “are you rolling” goods packages.3) 18:00
・artery:動脈4) 19:40
water off a duck’s back = when you don’t care about something
= having thick skin
= you are not easily insulted.
5) 22:00
recentlyとthese days・recently: wider
・these days: usually used when you are expressing that something has changed.
ex. Many people are disappointed because Yoshi doesn’t wear boomerang pants these days.

・gender discrimination: 性差別

I drive all the men crazy.:
・drive crazy: とりこにする

8) 30:30
・curvy: 曲線美の

9) 36:30
・dusk: 夕暮れ

367 367. 君も今日からエブって行こうぜ! 1) 3:15
You were planning to see him off at the bus stop, but you couldn’t leave him.
・see off: 見送る2) 7:45
He flexes his butt muscle.
・flex: (筋肉を)動かす3) 13:05
I always just keep track of everything in my mind.
・keep track of~: ~の記録をつける4) 14:10
・cut corners = cheat to save time or save money5) 15:20
・script : (スピーチなどの)原稿

6) 16:55
The door frame is like just high enough.
・just enough: ちょうど、ぴったり

7) 18:00
I tried to cut corners, and I payed the price.
・pay a price: 報いを受ける

8) 19:35
I still have even like five days later, I was bleeding a little it.

9) 23:00
・Haste makes waste.

10)  24:20
・scar: 傷跡

11) 29:00
会ってみたい ⇒ I’d like to meet her one day /someday.

12) 30:05
・The seven deadly sins: 7つの大罪
gluttony: 暴食/lust: 色欲/sloth: 怠惰/greed: 強欲/wrath: 憤欲/pride: 傲慢/envy:嫉妬

13) 31:30
Q) Which parts of chicken do you want?
A) Whichever / Anything is fine / It’s doesn’t matter / Surprise me
・Surprise me!= Anything is OK ,  When you have many choices and you don’t care.

14) 31:30
HITT: High-intensity Interval Training

・obstacle course: 障害物コース、アスレチックコース

368 368. [Strange News – R指定] “Welcome to F**king” 1)1:55
When you check the weather on an English weather application, it often says the real temperature and it also says feels like and says another temperature.
-3, feels like -10.2)4:45
•vegetarian = only eat vegetables
•pescatarian = eat fish and vegetables
•carnivore= only eat animals (肉食)
•herbivore = only eat plants(草食)
•omnivore = like human who eat both
•cannibal =食人3)27:00
The only thing left was sawdust .
Someone took like a chainsaw, when you cut woods, the kind of crumbs.
369 369. Smoking! 1)4:50
Was it love at first sight?
•love at first sight:ひとめぼれ2)10:55
•become habitual:習慣になる3)17:05
In North America, we call it tin foil.
•hot chick = sexy girl5)35:29
“You got it” has 2 meanings
①confirming the understanding
②to confirm an order. I’ll do it for you.
It can be used to confirm that I’m going to do something that you want.

I got it = I understand

Sometime it’s totally fucked up.
•fuck up:大間違いをする

•warm someone’s heart: (人を)喜ばせる

370 370. 雪合戦の季節ですねぇ 1)4:50
So I go into SEIMS, reached into my pocket to get my mask.
•reach into:〜に手を突っ込む2)7:45
Only thing you hear is kind a crunch of your feet in a snow.
•crunch: 雪を踏みしめる音、サクサク3)10:30
And he followed me down the road and videoed me and right up until he hit me with a snow ball.
•right up until:〜直前まで4)12:10
Do you mean did I retaliate?
We did like a draw.
•fast draw:西部劇の決闘シーンでお馴染みの早撃ちを、安全かつ効率的にスポーツ化したもの。

So I came in, “I came here to save the day!”
•save the day:なんとか危機を乗り切る


I got a work out, and it all worked out in the end.
•work out = ① exercise ② go well

•permanent residency:永住権


The Japanese government doesn’t seem to recognize a student making a living wage.
•living wage:生活資金

371 371. [Strange News] ミステリアス チャイナ〜 1) 3:40
working remotely = working from home = telework2) 4:00
Many people have to have meeting s all day long on zoom.
・all day long: 一日中3) 9:50
In this small village, there is an ancient form of kung fu.
・form: 流派4) 10:55
・crutch (crotch) = groin = the area between your legs :股間5) 15:15
・groin shot = low brow : ベルトの下への打撃

6) 21:50
fertility festival: 豊年祭
・fertility: 子孫繁栄
・fertile = to create new life : 繁殖力のある

7) 25:50
Maybe Yang is a bit spoiled.
・spoiled: 甘やかされて育った

8) 28:15
He reached out his hands and touched Yang’s chest.
・reach out: 手を伸ばす

9) 32:15
He is just a bastard.
・bastard: いやな人、ひどい人

10) 32:55
There is a collage in China, where they’ve made a machine, basically a man can experience what a period pain feels like.
・period pain: 生理痛

11) 36.50
throw out one’s back = throw one’s back out :ぎっくり腰

12) 38:20
When people throw out their back, this is like really debilitating.
・debilitating: 衰弱させる

372 372. リピートアフターミー!/Why /aren’t /you /here? はいどーぞ! 1) 0:40
・chant = to get excited like “エイエイオー!”
2) 1:05
・pump up: ~を熱中(熱狂、興奮)させる
3) 1:45
You march to the beat of your own drum.: 我が道をゆく
= do your own thing
4) 3:10
I have a bone to pick with you.
・bone to pick with= there is something I want to talk about. : ~に対する苦情
5) 5:30
・triumphant return: 凱旋
6) 12:25
I got your back = I’ll support you : 私がついてるよ
7) 14:10
You can’t go back on your word.
・go back on one’s word: 約束を破る
・your word = your promise8) 14:30
I promise = I give you my word = you have my word
9) 18:55
have guts = have balls = be brave = have courage
10) 20:55
I’m coping with cold weather.
・cope with: 耐える
11) 27:05
I knocked it over right onto my keyboard
・knock over: ひっくり返す
12) 29:40
I was admiring my beautiful keyboard.
・admire: 称賛する
13) 30:45
Everyone has strength and weaknesses. No one is perfect.14) 32:20
She dented the car.
・dent: ~をへこませる
15) 39:20
You are swimming with the sharks now. = playing with other serious people = you are in a serious situation, and you are competing with other serious people.
16) 40:25
It’s time to pull your bootstraps.
•pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps:独力でやり遂げる
17) 41:50
・provincial  exam: 州の統一試験
I am a very good test taker.
・test taker: 受験者
19) 51:50
off-color humor: 下ネタ
373 373. [Strange News] クレージーサンタ 1)0:45
strange news in person.
•in person: 直接会って2)2:35
I’m starting off into the distance.
•start off into the distance = 遠い目をする3)4:15
I only have 3 strange news story.
So we will bang them out.
•bang out: ババっと片付ける4)6:10
He is in his paraglider, in a Santa suits, and he has bags full of candy canes!
•candy cane:杖の形のアメ5)9:15
I guess he started flying a little bit too low, he hit the power lines.
•power line:電線

Luckily he didn’t get electrocuted.

Eventually, he flipped out.
•flip out = go crazy : ぶち切れる、気が変になる

The airplane was taxiing.

Eventually, he grabbed the emergency door, ripped it open
•tip open: 裂き開く
inflatable slide

She was sitting all by herself.
•all by oneself:ひとりぼっちで

•love at first sight:一目惚れ

Whatever floats your boat = Do whatever you want

374 374. 大晦日で対面でウェットで! 11)33:35
The quality goes down, gets blurry.
•day dreaming = zoning out = mind is off in space = absent minded
•zone out:朦朧とする
•absent minded:上の空の13)39:25
follow your instincts
•instinct : 本能、直感14)42:05
“I’m gonna go on a date with your sister!”
“In your dreams!”+L93
“You wish!”
•in your dreams = you wish : 無理でしょ! 嘘でしょ!(相手が未来に起こって欲しいと思っていることに、絶対起きないと伝えたい時に使う)6)15:40
•watch your head:頭上注意
•watch your step: 足元注意

•concrete resolution :具体的な目標

I made it a little bit tongue-in-cheek
•tongue-in-cheek= not serious: 冗談、おふざけ

He went straight to the top.

Yesterday I declared the AirPods were finished.
•declare: 宣言する

The quality goes down, gets blurry.

•day dreaming = zoning out = mind is off in space = absent minded
•zone out:朦朧とする
•absent minded:上の空の

follow your instincts
•instinct : 本能、直感

“I’m gonna go on a date with your sister!”
“In your dreams!”
“You wish!”
•in your dreams = you wish : 無理でしょ! 嘘でしょ!(相手が未来に起こって欲しいと思っていることに、絶対起きないと伝えたい時に使う)

375 375. スノボを滑るエイブとジョークが滑る夢占い師ヨシ 1) 1:10
I’m falling back in love with snowboarding.2) 7:35
You hear like crickets.
・crickets: しーんとしていること3) 13:00
I had had a few drinks and I passed out on the sofa.
・pass out: 意識を失う、酔いつぶれる4) 14:05
It was very long and very twisted.
・twisted: 変な、倒錯した5) 17:45
There was foreigner, walking up and down the arcade, seemingly taking to someone and he looked very agitated.
・seemingly: 一見したところ
・agitated: 動揺した、興奮した

6) 25:00
I just hunch.
・hunch: 予感がする
7) 25:20
So you wanna analyze my dream at all or any meaning?
・analyze: 分析する
8) 29:20
・bystander = onlooker : 傍観者
・jaw-dropping: (下あごが下がり口をぽかんと開けた状態)びっくり仰天の
10) 33:20
・descriptive: 説明的な
11) 34:15
jaw-dropping に似た意味の単語
* more like scared
* to be startled = surprised and a little scared

* to be stunned = to be shocked you can’t even move.
awesome の awe
* you’re in awe = when you see that something amazing, you can’t even talk
* amazing = awesome
* to be in awe = when you see something really good or cool or amazing
・you scared the shit out of me: めっちゃびびった
・knock someone’s socks off
in a good way

・knock someone’s dick into the dirt

12) 38:25
・beat (knock) the shit out of = to beat someone really badly : ボコボコにする

376 376. [Strange News] 火炎放射器で雪かき 1) 1:45
We are starting from clean slate to 2021!
・clean slate: 白紙の状態2) 3:30
・snow shoveling: 雪かき3) 4:45
・flamethrower: 火炎放射器4) 7:10
The rocket man has been spotted again.
・be spotted: 発見される5) 13:40
・screen door: 網戸

6) 16:15
You mean spitting acorn at people?
・spit: 吐く
・acorn: どんぐり

7) 17:05
The first worry is that the squirrels might have rabies.
・rabies: 狂犬病

8) 8:25
・bleed: 出血する

9) 21:25
Dogs are also carnivorous, but they have evolved more, to be able to eat other food.
・evolve: 進化する

10) 21:45
If you look at wolves which are genetically identical or almost identical to dog, wolves and dogs.
・be identical to: ~と同じ
・genetically: 遺伝子学上

11) 23:50
・demanding= require a lot of attention, require a lot of energy. = 多くを要求する

12) 27:05
ice shanty = portable shed for ice fishing
・shed: 小屋

13) 28:20
And you sit around the hole, freeze your ass off
・freeze one’s ass off: めっちゃ寒い

14) 29:00
・casting: 投げ込み(釣り)

15) 33:15
・loophole: 抜け穴

377 377. 懐かしいエピソードはYouTubeにて♪ 1)1:15
I’m taking a walk down memory lane.
•take a walk down memory lane: 懐かしい思い出にひたる2)7:45
Recently I have been blown a way by the accuracy of you tube’s subtitle generation.
•blow away: つくづく感心させる3)10:45
But maybe when you speak, it either won’t make subtitles or it will occasionally make some weird words because it misinterprets your Japanese as English.
•occasionally: 時々
•misinterpret: 誤解する、〜と誤って解釈する4)13:45
•porkchop: 豚肉の切り身(トンカツに使うようなロース肉)5)15:00
•fish flakes: かつお節

Oh, you think I’ll eat it too much and get sick of it?
•get sick of: うんざりする

•saucy ≒ sexy : わいせつな

•comfort food: 食べるとホッとする(心の安らぐ、元気が出る)料理
makes you feel a little nostalgic and safe and warm.

378 378. 秘密は誰にも言わないでくださいw 1)2:55
I’ve been basically bedridden.
•bedridden: 寝たきりの2)4:45
The snow gets compact.
•compact : ぎっしり詰まった3)6:50
Maybe I’ll play just a little teaser.
•teaser= just a little sample: じらし広告
•tease: いじめる。からかう4)13:55
You had a small tear and you sprained it .
•torn: tearの過去、過去分詞形
•ligament: 靭帯
•tendon: 腱

It was starting to swell.
•swell: 腫れる

Fire has been lit.
•lit: light の過去、過去分詞

•cross-dress: 男装する、女装する

double cross: 裏切り

•elect= to vote, to choose someone by voting : 選ぶ
•erect = stand up :建てる、立てる

•space junk: 宇宙ごみ
junk, debris,
rubbish (British English word)
garbage (general word)
•生ゴミ: food scraps

379 379. [Strange News] 逆境から希望は生まれるのか…の検証 1)6:05
Don’t be so hard on yourself.2)13:35
They have imposed they’ve made some very strict rules.
•curfew: 門限4)21:55
•squat down:しゃがむ5)22:20
•pocket dial = butt dial : (ポケット内で)誤発信された電話

•Ferris wheel: 観覧車

The some reason, we have a leap year.
•leap year: うるう年

380 380. ケーキにロウソクを立てる意味を知ってますか? 1)2:55
They chopped his balls off = they neutered him
•neuter: 去勢する2)5:25
What would you rate my performance?3)15:20
She is putting in the work.
•put in work = put a lot of time and hard work in = 力を注ぐ4)22:05
To get the freshest rice ball, you reach all way to the back and take the rice ball from the deepest position, from way in a back.
•all the way to : 〜までずっと、はるばる〜まで5)27:50
Before you say this, I’m just going to recap.
•recap: 要約する

•to be bold = strong, brave, not afraid : 大胆になる
•to be bald :禿げる

Netflix and chill = come over to my house, lie on the sofa together, watch Netflix and ….

Do you want to come up for a nightcap?
•nightcap=the last drink of the night

From YouTube of dad jokes
Because diarrhea runs in your jeans(genes).
•gene : 遺伝子
•runs in your genes = runs in your family

381 381. ポコポコにやられたエンディング 1)5:30
I think you are settled in Okinawa.
①settle somewhere = make that your permanent spot.
②settle = make a deal(especially for court)2)7:50
•settle out of court :裁判沙汰にしないで解決する、示談する3)8:40
•artificial grass: 人工芝4)9:25
You are getting ready for all the visitors once the state of emergency has been lifted.
•lift: (禁止令などを)解除する5)11:50
Everything will fall into place.
•fall into place: 落ち着くべき所に落ち着く

Were you drenched in sweat?
•drench in sweat = completely covered in sweat
drench : びしょ濡れにする、水浸しにする

•thoroughly: 徹底的に、じっくり、とことん

①turn down = refuse :断る
②turn down : 下げる

One step at a time: 一歩ずつ

Japanese people tend to be a lot more kind a humble about their strengths and their abilities.
•humble: 謙虚な
•strength: 強み、長所

•perfectionist: 完璧主義者

English is looked at like a subject in school that can be tested and standardized whereas it’s a language.
•standardize: 標準化する、画一化する
•whereas: 〜であるのに対して

He’s just, he’s totally self-taught.
•self-taught: 独習の

382 382. [Strange News] P***s cakes & HOLLYBOOB 1) 0:55
Today I have quite a few strange news stories.
・quite a few = plenty, more than enough2) 5:45
I guess the old ladies, they wanted to spice things up.
・spice up: (より面白くするために)~にひと味添える3) 6:25
For lady, you can say girlfriends just mean friends.
Men can’t do the same thing about friends.
女性の言うgirlfriend = 女友達
男性の言うboyfriend = 彼氏4) 12:00
Unfortunately, many religions kind of hold women back.
・hold back = to stop somebody from doing something : 妨げる5) 16:55
・birthmark : 母斑

6) 17:45
・Surprise me! : 楽しみにしてるよ!

7) 23:50
・cast away : (孤島などに)置き去りにする

8) 24:25
There’s the, as you mentioned, the famous iconic, Hollywood sign, it’s up in the hills.
・iconic: 象徴的な

9) 25:40
・holy: 神聖な、聖なる
・holly : モチノキ

10) 26:10
・holy cow! : なんてこった!

11) 29:10
・vandalism= crime of damaging property :器物破損

12) 29:30
・go graffiti : らくがきする

13) 30:30
We were talked about frisky = horny :ムラムラした、欲情した

14) 33:10)
They got arrested and they paid their bail, it’s called, you pay money and you can get out of jail until the court.

15) 36:40
If something happens twice, it will likely happen three or more times.

16) 37:10
・off they go!: さあ行こう!

383 383. Euphoric Feelings! (高揚感) 1) 2:55
It has been snowing on and off for a few days.
・on and off : 断続的に2) 3:55
The warm days are starting to outnumber the cold days.
・outnumber: より数で勝る3) 4:25
It might be cold, but I’m not letting the winter get me down.
・let~get one down: ~に落ち込む、くじける
* I don’t let it get me down: くじけない4) 4:40
The other day, I got back on the horse = to start doing something again, to try again.5) 6:15
・back the wrong horse = support the wrong thing or person

6) 10:30
Ans then, you start sliding down the mountain and you have a feeling of great happiness and euphoria.
・euphoria:強い高揚感 = beautiful feeling, happiness, bliss, euphoria
・bliss: 至福、無上の喜び

7) 15:20
When you get back in touch with nature, it gives you a kind of rush of euphoria or gives you a very kind of intense feeling of happiness.
・intense: 激しい、強烈な

8) 20:25
But actually on the teacher talk channel, it’s not  censored.
・censor: 検閲する

9) 21:45
・jump into the deep end: いきなり新しい成果に飛び込む、清水の舞台から飛び降りる
= to start doing something, not start slowly.
・dip your toe into the water: 新しいことを慎重に始める

10) 26:05
・syntax: 構文 = the order of words

11) 30:50
That’s the thing about English is, we often can’t take away the same words.
・take away: 取り除く

12) 32:50
So she’s creating chances for her children to be exposed to English.
・expose: (人を~に)触れさせる、経験させる

13) 34:50
Porkonomiyaki is taking over the world.
・take over the world: 世界征服する

14) 34:55
・be all the rage in Japan: 大流行している

15) 36:30
・ take the world by storm: 一世を風靡する

16) 40:00
Late at night, I couldn’t take the pain.
・take: 〔不快な事柄などを〕黙って[我慢して]受け入れる

384 384. エコバッグの中身と起死回生のマグカップ 1) 3:00
・エコバッグ: reusable bag2) 5:05
And Mrs. Lawson came up, suddenly, slapped me on the shoulder.
・slap: ひっぱたく3) 7:35
・shoplifting: 万引き4) 8:00
・close call: 危機一髪5) 9:40
・セルフレジ: self check-out

6) 16:55
・curiosity: 好奇心

7) 20:50
That’s the Japanese intensity scale.
・intensity scale: 震度階

8) 23:15
Maybe I drive her crazy sometime.
・drive someone crazy: 怒らせる

9) 31:40
Many people think “tanuki” is a mythical creature.

10) 33:15
rabbit: うさぎ
bunny: 子うさぎ、(幼児言葉)うさちゃん
hare: 野うさぎ
cony: 穴うさぎ

11) 36:55
・pest: 有害生物
= an animal that causes problem.

12) 37:05
Because they get into a garbage, they rip a garbage apart and throw a garbage everyware.
・rip apart: ばらばらにする

13) 37:40
Don’t be a pest
・be a pest: しつこい、うざい

385 385. [Strange News] 嘘を”ダブルダウン”するロシア人の奥様 1)4:15
•this-party seller: 第三者販売業者2)7:35
•compactor: 圧縮機3)7:50
In the garbage track, they have like a chopper, like a grinder.
•grinder: 砕く道具4)12:20
And one very brave Chinese police officer put one handcuff on himself and put the other hand on the guy.
•put handcuffs on: 手錠をかける5)16:40
Maybe I should come clean.
•come clean: 白状する = to tell the truth.

She doubled down on her lie.
•double down on:(betting expression) 〜に倍賭けする

•miscarriage: 流産

Then her spider web of lies all came unraveled
•unravel :(計画などを)ダメにする

•spin a web of lies: うその話をはりめぐらせる
•spin a web: クモが巣をかける

So her web of lies all came crumbling down.
•crumble down: 崩れ落ちる

•on a lighter note: もっと軽い話題に変えると

•erect ⇆ flaccid : しおれた

•limp: ぐにゃっとした

386 386. Job色々(後半R18) 1)4:25
I learned Japanese like in a very condensed way. = I studied really hard for a short time.
•condensed: 凝縮された2)6:10
What is happening way down in this beautiful southern island of Okinawa.
•way down: ずっと下に3)12:20
イス取りゲーム:musical chairs4)13:20
Do you mean like a big metal barrel like what serial killers use to put dead bodies in?
•serial killer: 連続殺人犯
•barrel: たる5)13:50
You are going to try to brew beer.
•brew: 醸造する

It’s like a rod that you put in the drum and you plug it into the wall and it heats the drum up.

You know, mass meat production having huge cow farms, creates a lot of green house gases, especially gas called methane which is from farts.
•green house gas:温室効果ガス

•flatulence= the scientific way to say “farts”

The gas gets absorbed into your blood, through your, you know the tissue in your lectin, and the gas is released in your lungs.
•tissue: (細胞の)組織
•lectin: レクチン

So of course there’s no smell that’s stuff stays around your butt, but the actual gas gets released,goes get soaked into the blood and then dropped off in the lungs, and you expel it when you breath.
•expel: 吐き出す

•infatuate = really really like it
*Yoshi is totally infatuated with flatulence.
*Yoshi’s flatulations are infatuating.

I think it’s more clean and hygienic to fart out of your butt.

Whatever floats your boat.
Whatever turns your crank.
Everyone has their own cup of tea.

387 387. 失敗したワイン節約方法 1)4:25
Try to expand my horizons.
•broaden(expand) one’s horizons: 視野を広げる2)5:35
But usually wild salmon, it’s healthier because they don’t use antibiotic and stuff.
•antibiotic: 抗生剤3)6:30
業務スーパー: wholesale supermarket4)7:45
Something caught my eye: (人の)目にとまる5)12:25
Maybe it was getting late but I was still refilling my glass.
•refill a glass:グラスにおかわりを注ぐ

I had a Mediterranean dinner the other night, I cooked mussels for the first time.
•mussels: ムール貝

•on tap: (酒樽などに)飲み口がつけられて

You have a nice fancy wine glass and a bottle and you pour little bit and you swish it around in your glass and you take a little sip in you…smell it,sip it and make love to it.
•swish 〜around in a glass: グラスの中で回す

You gonna buy a bunch of them.
•a bunch of : たくさんの

You are the part of food chain.
•food chain:食物連鎖
•apex predator:(食物連鎖の)頂点捕食者

twelve on the dot : 12時ちょうど
•on the dot = exactly

“shop” and “store”
Basically there’s not that different.
shop: smaller than store

388 388. [StrangeNews] 嗚呼アリゾナよ… 1)0:55
Do you think they are doing good job getting people vaccinated?
•get vaccinated:予防接種を受ける3)5:40
•side effect:副作用4)7:45
I think business is a little bit desperate to get customers to come.
It seems like the vaccine is very readily available to Israeli.
•readily = easily

•duffle bag = big canvas bag

•give someone a clue: (人に)ヒントを与える

•clip : 弾倉 = the thing that you put the bullet

The best guess is probably it was a something to do with the Mexican drug cartel.
•drug cartel: 麻薬カルテル

•fentanyl:フェンタニル= a hundred times stronger than morphine.

•intravenous (IV):点滴

•pill form:錠剤

•get your act together! : しっかりしない!

There was a lady who bought a crochet kit.

use yarn and you sew it together, you can make socks or you can make some cute children toys.
•yarn: 毛糸

OK, please on the table, go upside down.
•upside down:逆さまに

•large intestine:大腸
•rectum: 直腸

He just suddenly sent me this strange news about how Japan is requesting for China to stop sticking stuff up Japanese people butts.
•stick 〜up: 〜を突っ込む

It’s completely unintentional.

389 389. 遭難するGoGo丸と北斗神拳を使うエイブ 1) 0:55
Are you on cloud nine?
・on cloud nine: 最高に幸せで
= to be over the moon, to be seventh heaven2) 2:15
I feel like a million bucks: 気分が最高である
・buck = dollar3) 9:55
You’re gonna pee on it
・ pee on : ~におしっこをかける4) 10:50
You load on the boat for the first time, out into the vast open ocean.
・open ocean: 外洋5) 14:15
The propeller came off?
・come off: 取れる、外れる

6) 15:35
You are stuck out there in the ocean with no propeller
・stuck: 動けなくなった、立ち往生した

You kind a drift with the current
・drift with the current: .流れとともにただよう

8) 23:00
A boat can be a what we call “money pit”.
You have to continue to throw money  down the money pit.
・pit = hole
・money pit : 金食い虫

9) 22:40
He only used the boat 3 times and freaking propeller came off.
・freaking : ひどい、いまいましい

It’s a very interesting experience  to get stranded off in the ocean.
・get stranded: 立ち往生する

12) 25:30
You made it back, you didn’t a become cannibal
・make it back: 生還する

13) 27:50
It’s just sitting in the corner correcting dust.

14) 36:25
・hand in :提出する= submit
・hand out : 配る

15) 40:55
・throw away
・throw out :(中に入っているものを外に出して)捨てる
:= pour out

16) 47:50
tale end of something = toward the end , near the end

Come on join the party and we’ll blast out a live video.
・blast out :出す

390 390. Yoshi Came Home! 1)5:40
Actually I’ve ordered a mic stand, but it’s on back order.
•be on back order: 入荷待ちの状態である2)9:45
•rip a fart: おならをする3)13:20
Everyone can appreciate that level of passion and expertise.
•expertise: 専門知識4)15:20
Whatever floats your boat.
= Whatever turns your crank.
= To each one’s own.
: 人それぞれ、十人十色5)17:00
That sounds very sensual.
•sensual: 官能的な、性欲をそそる

•get one’s mind out of the gutter: 低俗なことを考えるのをやめる

Give me a break! : もうやめてくれ!

•plastic surgery: 整形手術 = cosmetic surgery

Especially when I’m tired, my right eye kind of droops and my left eye is more open.
•droop: 垂れ下がる

oral promise = verbal promise : 口約束

If it’s your job, you’ll be exposed to it again and again, and she’ll eventually get used to it.
•be exposed to: 〜に触れる、〜にさらされる

Because you have to express your gratitude by refusing. But you also have to leave the door open to get it.
•leave the door open : 可能性を残しておく

391 391. [Strange News] 爆発的イケメン鮭さんの末路 1)2:40
You got to fiddle with P8 a little bit.
•fiddle with: (指で物を)いじくる2)12:30
•sea urchin: ウニ3)12:45
Maybe the most outrageous name change, one guy changed his name..
•outrageous: とんでもない4)17:30
Sushiro will always kind of have a sour taste in his mouth.
•leave a sour taste in one’s mouth: 悪い印象を残す、後味が悪い5)18:10
•bitter sweet: ほろにがい
= it’s like something is good , but something also bad about it.

Because you are anticipating, you are waiting excitedly.
•anticipate: 〜を期待して待つ

Because he was holding the bag, that held the pizza box in it, he was holding it vertically.

And the pizza just fell out onto the pavement.
•pavement: 鋪道

He clumsily, kind of stuffed the pizza back into the box, and he picked up crumbs and the pieces, to kind of hide the evidence.
•clumsily :不器用に

He put it like on the bunk bed.
•bunk bed: 二段ベッド

•shared custody:共有親権

Let’s give a big shout out to our long time friend and listener, MinMin!
•give a shout out: エールをおくる

It’s time to tie the knot.
•tie the knot :結婚する

392 392. 昨日より今日、今日より明日はベストデー!で生きて行こうぜ 1) 1:45
Recently when you visited Sendai, there was something that I noticed, that really made me realized, that you don’t belong in Tohoku anymore.
・belong in: ~に属する2) 3:40
・bare feet: はだし3) 20:35
“Better than yesterday, not as good as tomorrow”  means “the next day is always a little bit better.”4) 21:45
By the time you die, you are shooting up to heaven on a rocket ship full of rainbows and stars!5) 25:10
Just like alcohol and many other things, substances, you build a tolerance.
・substance: 物質
・tolerance: 許容範囲

6) 27:05
Having a coffee, especially if your tolerance is low, it can really give you that jolt of energy and really wake you up.
・jolt: 〈俗〉酒の強さ[効き目]、一杯、一口

7) 29:55
・beater: おんぼろ車、ぽんこつ車
= old beat up car

8) 40:00
長袖Tシャツ: long sleeved T-shirt

9) 42:10
We have a loose plan, we’ll figure it out soon.
・loose plan: ゆるい計画

393 393. ご近所へのご挨拶回りとエイブの布教活動 1)3:15
•international issues:国際問題
He was the kingpin of the crocodile mafia.
•kingpin: 中心人物
I’m glad to hear that your heart was racing.
•my heart is racing: ドキドキする
We kissed and made up.
•make up:仲直りをする
We hankoed many documents.
Finally we decided on a detached house, not an apartment.
•detached house:一戸建て8)16:20
We checked about the culturally appropriate presents to your new neighbors.9)18:55
We are gonna do it for every property that borders us.
•property: 地所
Behind us,to the side,and then kind of there’s one that kind of diagonal.
You know there’s other fees like the installation fee etcetera.
•installation fee =取付費用
From the great prefecture of Hyogo, which stretches from the Pacific Ocean all the way to the Sea of Japan.

= very frank, very curt, very direct, doesn’t think that much before she speaks, she blurts it out.
•curt: ぶっきらぼうな、素っ気ない
•blurt out:〜を思わず口走る

He wears his heart on his sleeve.
= he doesn’t hide his story .
•wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve:心のうちを率直に話す

To blurt out a reply.
= someone says something and you just automatically answer without thinking.

Nice of you. = you did something nice, you are nice
Good for you = I’m happy for you, you did a good job
“nice” often means “kind”. Nothing to do with appearance.

It’s the thought that counts.

When you find yourself in the dog house,such a spilling the coffee again, what’s something you do to get out of it?
•in the doghouse: (人を怒らさせることをして)まずい状況になって

You have to swallow your pride, you have to sometimes accept that your different.
•swallow one’s pride: プライドを捨てる

She puts up with all my stupid antics and my spilling a coffee and my clumsy mistakes and everything and I, you know, put up with her silence or I always trying and end the those times.
= silly behavior or the kind of behavior that a person is known to do topical behavior of the person ,usually something kind of funny.

394 394. [Strange News] 牧師さんのご乱心 1)2:25
Eventually they came a drain.
•drain: 下水管、排水溝2)3:20
•storm drain: 排水管3)3:35
She’s covered in a dirt and mad and she’s scraped up, she god scrapes, cuts all over her body.
•scrape: (動)傷つける、(名)すり傷4)4:25
Florida is a very low lying state. The land is sea level , lots of swamps.
•swamp: 湿地

I’m sure she was a little malnourished.
•malnourished: 栄養失調の

Priest have to be celibate.
•celibate = no sex : 禁欲主義の

It comes in the news sometimes that priest was using a prostitute, or whatever.

And she thought, may be the priest is working hard on the alter.

You hit the nail on the head.

•threesomes : 3p

•dominatrix: SMプレイの女王

•indecent exposure:公然わいせつ罪

In the Ukraine, there is a couple that have a kind of volatile relationship.
•volatile = unpredictable, changes quickly, unstable
•volatile relationship:不安定な関係

So they break up and they make up.
•make up:仲直りする

It’s not much for you know in Japan, but in Indonesia, it goes a lot further.
•go a lot further:さらに先へと進む

395 395. 終わるコーヒーポットと始まるエンディング 1)7:20
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
(ベッドの左側から起きるとその日は縁起が悪いという迷信から) 寝起きが悪い、機嫌が悪い2)7:30
I didn’t feel good my face felt kind like puffy.
•puffy: むくんだ、はれた3)8:25
You are not yourself today.
•be not oneself:本来の自分ではない、落ち着かない4)9:30
ex. knives and forks5)15:55

Let’s look on the bright side.


You have to make it happen.
•make it happen:実現させる

I could see him lying down. He’s trying to be sneaky, but I was up high, so I could see him, and I popped him in the leg.

That’s when they really blew up.
•blow up= to suddenly become popular
ring the bell: ピンとくる


chapel and church
chapel= just the place where you go to worship.
•worship:礼拝する = pray and listen to the priest
church = general meaning hole organization. The building and people. generally community.
Almost always includes chapel.

pastor and priest and minister

•pastor = kind of priest. In charge of a group of people
•priest = just a qualification
•minister = not celibate. can get married, have a normal life, like other job and stuff.

According to my research ,
*pastor: the religious head of a single church.牧師。職種を表す呼び名。
priest: a minister who specifically belongs to a Orthodox and Catholic christians church.司祭
minister: qualified to perform religious services in any branch of Christianity.教職者、宣教者。資格を示す呼び名。

ねこふんじゃった: (英題)the Flea Waltz
(Abe; Cats stepping on the piano)

Where’s Woldo?: ウォーリーをさがせ

396 396. 未然に防がれた引っ越しトラブルと明かされるYouTubeライブの日程 1)4:25
Moving is a great time to get rid of clutter and things that you don’t want anymore.
•clutter: がらくたの山2)19:40
•sleepover party: お泊まり会3)15:55
•red flag = warning sign: 危険信号4)33:05
I also read that book
I read that book too
I read that book as well
②は、「that book」を強調する5)39:20
It’s not good to be an overbearing parents, helicopter parents.
•overbearing: 高圧的な、威圧的な
•helicopter parents: 過干渉 byな親

If there’s the guy who’s always getting bossed around by his wife, or a wife who makes all the decisions, there is the way to say, that we say “she wore a pants.”
•boss around: 威張り散らす、偉そうに命令する
•she wear the pants = she’s in charge; 尻にしかれる、かかあ天下
•He’s whipped = henpecked: 尻にしかれた

397 397. [Strange News] バズりそうな洞窟に入ったら… 1) 4:40
I must admit I am enjoying a beer.
・must admit:認めざるを得ない2) 5:15
I’m drinking my cheap hon-kirin. It’s my go-to beer since I became a free bird.
・go-to beer:よく飲むビール (go-to:頼りになる、間違いない)3) 5:50
You know when you’re walking or driving and you are coming to a train crossing, the traffic arms go down and the lights go…
・traffic arms: 踏切遮断器 = crossing gate, (豪) boom gate (I can’t search this word. boom barrierかな?)4) 9:10
・drawbridge: 可動橋、はね橋5) 10:45
He drove through the traffic arms, and drove over the bridge as it was going up.
・drive over the bridge:車で橋を渡る

6) 11:10
He drove his car flew over the bridge.
・fly over: 飛び越える

7) 11:25
He decided to just go for it.
・go for it: 目標に向かって進む

8) 14:00
So the video is a little bit of a letdown.
・letdown: 期待外れ

9) 15:45
You are saying that Tik-Tok has recently been monetized?
・monetize: ~を収益化する

10) 17:30
I guess she’s kind of feeling around in the dark.
・feel around: 手探りで捜す

11) 20:10
・graffiti: 落書き
・graffiti art: 落書き芸術、グラフィティアート

12) 21:00
So there is a definitely kind of a negative connotation to the word “graffiti”.
・connotation: 言外の意味

13) 22:15
・mural = big wall art: 壁画

14) 26:30
・honest mistake: うっかりミス

15) 27:10
They didn’t have a kind of criminal intent.
・have criminal intent: 故意に犯罪を犯す

16) 28:15
・parliamentary system: 議会制度

17) 29:20
Parliament tends to be in countries that have monarchy.
・monarchy: 君主制
18) 29:50
I guess he is very patriotic.
・patriotic: 愛国心の強い
・patriot: 愛国者

19) 33:15
He shuffled out of the room.
・shuffle out of: 足を引きずりながら~から出ていく

20) 37:55
If you are on the fence, come on! Come on get it!
・on the fence: まだ態度を決めかねて

398 398. 使い分けが難しい!(Regular, Usual, Common, Normal, Ordinary) 1) 1:15
It makes me cringe.
・clinch: <ボクシング>クリンチする
2) 14:05
I think I was able to calm them down or I was able to talk my way out of it
・talk one’s way out of:~をうまく言い逃れる
3) 15:05
They still haunted my dream.
・haunt: つきまとう
4) 16:05
I’ve never been in debt.
・been in debt: 借金がある5) 22:55
You’ve hole yourself up inside and you are just gaming all day recently.
・hole up: 隠れる、立てこもる
6) 26:10
Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one and all stink.
= I don’t want to hear your excuse.
7) 32:55
① regular: often use when you talk a bout things, size.
語源:according to role
② normal: don’t use about size.
ex. normal coffee; nothing fancy, just black, just regular beans.
語源:according to the square.
③ usual: very close to “common”.
語源:in use.
いつもどおりで変わっていない「普通」④ common: everyone knows and uses.
語源:「共に持つ」「共通の」→「普通の」「ありふれた」⑤ ordinary: it’s in the regular form. it’s not outside of the order
左右両方向矢印 extraordinary
語源:according to order
order=順序 。「平凡な」という感じの「普通」8) 42:50
Maybe one day Ben and I can loop you into a conversation.
・loof someone in: 仲間に加える

9) 45:35
He is history = he is dead. He’s gone forever.

399 399. 引っ越したエイブ と 3日連続ドラムカンヨシ 1) 5:15
・pick on: からかうようなことを言っていじめる
・make fun of:からかう、物笑いの種にする
・push someone’s buttons:怒らせる2) 6:20
It’s another milestone event.
・milestone = big and memorable thing in life3) 7:20
Our mutual friend, someone we both knew, who we used to work with in the night club.
・mutual:共通の4) 8:15
A flatbed kei-truck will do the trick.
・do the trick: 目的を達する5) 9:35
We had to do 3 trips.=  we had to go there back 3 times.

6) 11:15

7) 15:15

8) 18:20
We couldn’t be happier.= 最高に幸せ

9) 20:50
There is a scientific study that shows drum-can 風呂s eliminate the corona virus.

10) 22:15
・intimate: 親しい

11) 24:05
・rebel= kids who don’t follow the rules.

12) 24:40
He was always a bad dude.

13) 25:20
If you do something bad, you’ll get suspended for like a week or something and if you do something else bad, maybe again, eventually you get expelled.
・expel: 退学させる

14) 31:55
・doesn’t lift a finger = doesn’t help at all:何もしない(怠けて何もようとしない様子を表す。)

だらしがない「ズボラ」は、slovenly15) 38:30
Like writing out the letters helps you solidify it in your brain more than just tapping on the keys.
16) 46:00
We are going to there pop some bottle

400 400. Episode 400! (Part 1) 1) 5:30
I was running around like a chicken with his head cut off.=バタバタしている2) 11:25
It’s our milestone 400 episodes, so we are going to get a little bit loose.
・get loose = to drink, relax, and act very carefree3) 12:20
・nail clipper:つめきり4) 18:15
・left out:仲間はずれ5) 28:50
I’ve been constantly putting things together.
・put together: 組み立てる

6) 36:20
I add a little sting on the end.
・sting: 釘、とげ

7) 51:40
It looks so fucked up.
・fuck up: (卑俗) ひどい

400. Episode 400! (Part 2) 1) 2:00
It feels like you are in a fishbowl.
・in a fishbowl = completely exposed: 人目にさらされて2)5:50
・game changer = revolutionary. changes something forever.
some new technology or something that changes the way people think or people do.3)11:00
For me, that was a game changer because it opened up a whole new, kind of, river of possibility.
・open up:広げる、切り開く4)18:05
I’m down for anything.
down = to agree, to be ready5)19:40
・hater : アンチな人 = speak hate, hate all day long

People who are haters perhaps they have some kind of deep discontent or deep sadness in theirs.
・discontent 不平、不満

I got a little bit of buzz.
・get a buzz on: ほろ酔いの = tipsy

I must say it is bummer that were not live.
・bummer= sad, disappointed : がっかりな、残念な

Even thought my job was to plan, I would say you are more of the tech guy, so when it comes to our failure, to livestream, I would say we are both at fault.
・at fault:責任がある

In Japanese culture, it’s more important to show that you have humility.

Are you a cocky guy now?
・cocky: 自信過剰な、うぬぼれた
Are you a cocky guy now?

There’s a fine line.
・fine line:微妙な[紙一重の]差[違い]

humble house : 粗末な家
have some humility = to be humble

400. Part 3! The Final Chapter… 1) 7:05
結婚とは=sacrifice and compromise
自己犠牲と妥協2) 8:15
This street is very quiet.
= There’s not a lot of trafic.3) 9:40
・plaque= wooden piece:飾り額、額4) 15:45
You should keep some storm supply.
・storm supply= survival kit, disaster kit: 防災用品5) 18:45
Finish it off!
・finish off = ~を食べ(飲み)尽くす

6) 26:05
Dad, you totally fuck the joke up.
・fuck up: (卑俗)やりそこなう、失敗する

7) 30:00
For him, it was like “Oh shit! I’m fucking bold as fuck!”
・as fuck = totally, completely
ex.) I’m drunk as fuck.

8) 35:10
fucking A = fucking ace: すごい、たまげた

9) 36:40
・worth every penny: 大変値打ちがある

10) 38:30
He is a dipshit = he is stupid
・dipshit= ばかもの、あほ

11) 38:45
I’m in deepshit my wife is pissed off.
・be in deep shit = be in a hard time
・piss off: 怒らせる

12) 44:25
I have to go all out.
・go all out:全力を尽くす

401 [ワープ] 401. 400回記念配信のその後とStrange Newsと。 1)0:40
Marphy’s Law strikes again.
•strike: 襲う2)4:50
•aftermath: 余波、影響3)6:20
•布団= firm mattress
•掛け布団= cover, blankets, duvet
duvet = thick blanket4)9:35
A wonder lasts but nine days.
Rumors die quickly.5)13:40
Pool noodles are like the long floating styrene foam things that you have in pool.
•styrene foam: 発泡スチロール

No one’s going to come and battle you with such a lame challenge.
•lame: (俗)ダサい

But when he bends down to pick it up, whack in the head.
•bend down: かがむ
•whack: 強く打つ

I’m going to vanquish defeat all the other Lawsons in Japan one at a time.
•vanquish: 打ち負かす
•one at a time:一人ずつ

Even thought my job was to plan, I would say you are more of the tech guy, so when it comes to our failure, to livestream, I would say we are both at fault.
・at fault:責任がある

In Japanese culture, it’s more important to show that you have humility.

Are you a cocky guy now?
・cocky: 自信過剰な、うぬぼれた
Are you a cocky guy now?

There’s a fine line.
・fine line:微妙な[紙一重の]差[違い]

humble house : 粗末な家
have some humility = to be humble

402 402. [Strange News] こんにちは赤ちゃん…な話 1) 2:35
Don’t make me wash your mouth with soap.
2) 2:50
It’s common for mothers to say to threaten children.
・threaten: 脅す
3) 4:30
Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
= watch your language, for dirty words
: 言葉遣いに気を付けて
・watch your mouth = be careful, don’t say that
: 余計なことは言わないで
(more like a not necessary about dirty words)
4) 7:10
These “Best day of my life” T-shirts are flying off the shelves.
・fly off the shelves: 飛ぶように売れる
5) 8:05
But it’s they are continuing to sell like hot cakes.
・ sell like hot cakes:飛ぶように売れる6) 8:15
Nobody wants to miss out on the “Best day of my life” T-shirt and I understand why!
・miss out:(チャンスなどを)のがす
7) 9:20
So I’m going to stock up on the shirts.
・stock up: (在庫などを)仕入れる
8) 14:45
・incubator: 保育器
9) 16:25
・fertility drug: 排卵誘発剤
10) 16:55
・ovulate= egg is released : 排卵する
11) 17:05
So the egg is released, and then the egg , kind of hangs out and waits for you know, the sperm.
・sperm: 精子12) 18:30
If there are more than four babies, the doctor will actually abort like the 5th and 6th and whatever.
・abort: 中絶する
13)  19:35
14) 22:10
Maybe the man is infertile.
・infertile: 不妊の
15) 28:10
He claims to have eight hundred children.
・claim: 主張する、言い張る
16) 28:25
I know there is a natural biological, like drive for men to want to, you know, spread their seed and have the most children, it’s like a part of animal, right?
・drive: 欲動、衝動17) 29:10
This just seems a little bit over the top.
・over the top: やりすぎの、度を越えた
18) 31:10
These Gender Reveal Parties have become more and more elaborate.
・Gender Reveal Party: 性別披露パーティ
・elaborate: 手の込んだ
19) 39:55
So she reached into her purse and took out the bottle of eye drops.
・purse: (女性の)ハンドバッグ
20) 41:05
So she was freaking out and try putting cold water, she’s trying to pull her eye open, and It was completely shield shut.
・freak out: びびる
21) 42:15
・cornea: 角膜
・pupil: 瞳
22) 42:40
It’s the outer part of that kind of bulges out.
・bulge: 出っ張る
403 403. 情熱の先にある「えいぶの道」 1) 1:10
I am exploding with gratitude and excitement and passion!
・explode:〈人が〉〔感情などを〕爆発させる2) 12:55
So there are natural trails but it’s like thick natural forest.
・thick forest: 深い森3) 13:55
They are very steep some of them, you have to use a rope to climb.
・steep: 険しい、急な4) 14:10
It’s like the tree roots have become like a stair case, almost.
・staircase: 階段
・root: 根っこ5) This is way better.
・way better than~: ~よりずっといい

6) 26:05
If you walked in a straight line, but I was walking all through the trail.
・walk in a straight line: まっすぐに歩く

7) 33:40
You bring your head up to breath, and they are just watching you.

8) 36:10
・chlorine: 塩素

9) You feel that yearning that want to be swimming all the time.
・yearning: 切望

10) 39:25
I made a bit of a mess.
・make a mess: 散らかす

11) 39:45
I  didn’t think that through.
・think through: じっくりと考え抜く、熟慮する

12) 40:55
espresso, if you add more water, and like make it a regular coffee, it is called “long coffee”

13) 44:05
I can’t take it anymore = unbearable
= I can’t bear it anymore
= I can’t stand it any more

・”take” and “bear” are similar.

・negative form only → stand, take

Please bear with me.
bear = endure, put up with

・”take” is sometime used in not negative
I’m taking shit from my boss every day.
・take shit : 罵倒を甘受する
・take the abuse: ひどいことを言われて黙っている

404 404. 誰だってスマホを落とすよ理論の行方 1) 3:00
・report card: 通信簿、通知表
2) 12:50
今度と化け物見たことない= when pig fly:絶対に起こりえない
3) 17:35
grumpy old man
4) 20:45
I got it take it back to the grumpy old man.
・take something back:(元の場所へ)持って帰る
5) 24:40
if it happens again, he said he is very confident, the phone is extremely well shield.
well shield= completely air tight.
・air tight: 密閉した
6) 26:20
He’s not very pleasant.
・pleasant: 感じの良い、親切な7) 26:55
・memorabilia: 記憶すべき記念品
8) 27:20
I tried to strike up a friendly conversation.
・ strike up conversation: 会話を始める
9) 29:10
So now my phone is indestructible!
・indestructible : 破壊できない
10) 32:20
It smash the window and came crushing down on the other customers.
・come crushing down: すごい大きな音を立てて倒れてくる
11) 33:45
・total lunar eclipse: 皆既月食12)36:40
Hit me(with it)! = ask me question
13) 40:10
I’m not that good at writing kanji, but not bad for Canadian.
・for Canadian:カナダ人にしては
14) 43:05
She’s brown-nosing.
= give too many complements,  lay it on thick
〇at: とても狭い位置
〇to: ~の方向、目的地
I’m throwing this ball at you
→ trying to hit me
I’m throwing this ball to  you
→ trying to pass me〇on とin
get in the car
on the car → out side of the car, on top of the car
get on the bus
(= get in the bus)
on→ you can stand or walk
You can’t say “get on the car”.
〇with: 道具を使ってやる
I work with my computer
〇of: ofの前にあるものが一部、後ろにあるものがその母体
top of the mountain
405 405. [Strange News] ワクチン接種でマリファナ一本サービス! 1) 1:15
Shall we jump right into it?
・jump right into: すぐに飛び込む
2) 2:25
・distinct: 行政上の地域、地区
3) 3:05
・to jab = to stub : 激しく突き刺す
4) 4:10
・get the jab, get jab = get vaccinated
5) 4:35
Jabs for joints
6) 5:45
・joint = marijuana cigarette
7) 6:10
So they are giving away, marijuana joints for anyone who comes and gets a vaccine
・give away: (景品、賞金などを)与える、提供する8) 7:25
Like vaccinated front line workers, doctors, nurses….
・front line: 前線の
9) 7:50
I mean, I wonder like did America just hog all of the vaccines and they have so many that, you know,  they have like a surplus of vaccine.
・hog: 独り占めする、分け前以上にとる
・surplus = extra
10) 9:50
They have a shell, and they kind of crawl along the ground.
・crawl along: 這って進む
11) 10:05
・slow as a snail: ひどくのろい、遅々として進まない
・at a snail’s pace: のろのろと、ゆっくりと12) 12:00
For North Americans, escargot is thought of as like a very refined, like only rich people eat it.
・refined: 上品な、洗練された
13) 14:15
・tickle: くすぐる
14) 15:10
They squirt out extra slime.
・squirt: (液体を)噴出する
15) 17:05
・collagen: コラーゲン
16) 20:35
So fucking bizarre!
・bizarre: 奇妙な、一風変わった17) 26:45
I’m looking for the registration office.
・registration office: 登録場所
18) 28:20
・trespassing: 不法侵入
19) 32:55
As if it’s like someone that you know or that, you know, you have real life interaction with.
・interaction with: ~との付き合い[やりとり・交流]
20) 33:35
After my time
・come along after someone’s time: (人)の時代の後になって現れる、(人)の時代にはなかった
21) 35:40
I guess actually it’s kind of relevant, because in the video, I talked about the moment like, how to confirm you’re a couple.
・relevant: 関係のある、関連(性)のある
406 406. GoGo愛の劇場:ドランク忍者の失敗 1) 1:20
I’ve got internet hooked up many times in the past.
・hook up: 接続する2) 5:00
I bundled it together, with my mobile phone.
・bundle ~with: に~を抱き合わせ販売する3) 5:15
And it’s reasonable like internet, and my phone combined, is perhaps a little over 8,000 yen.
・combine: 結びつける、結合する4) 6:25
The wife is actually in charge of the finances.
・in charge of ~: ~を管理して、預かって5) 6:40
・小遣い: allowance

6) 6:55
There is no set way.
・set way to: ~するための決まったやり方

7) 8:00 Go out drinking and blow a lot of money.
・blow = to spend money when it’s not necessary: 浪費する
blow on~
ex. I blew 300 dollars on drum-can

8) 9:40
・splurge = to spend more money than usual= 贅沢する、散財する
ex.  Oh, today I’m going to splurge! I’m gonna have nice lunch today.
splurge on~
Usually I don’t spend much money on lunch, but today, I’m go and splurge on lunch and get course.

9) 16:50
These ones have very dignified. They have  a element, soft, white light
・dignified: 凜とした、威厳のある

10) 18:55
Live a little! = enjoy yourself! Splurge! Do something fun!
Live life to the fullest, Live your life, Enjoy the moment, Enjoy the final things

10) 21:35
You are living it up!
・live it up: 大いに楽しむ

11) 22:40
It landed me in the dog house.

12) 24:25
I shushed her.

13) 45:10
I’m gonna get to the bottom of Yoshi’s foreign love mystery.
・get to the bottom of..: ~の真相に迫る